Friday Feature - Self-Tanners

We here at The Amazing Blog were getting sick of reading the artificial ingredients that many self-tanners contain. That's why we have gathered some of our favourite natural and organic self-tanners for you.

The first self-tan on our list is the NUXE Sun Self-Tanning Lotion. NUXE’s philosophy is to utilise the properties of plants to produce high-quality and effective beauty products, or as they put it, ‘When Nature’s brilliance meets glamour’. The company strives to promote sustainable development and create conscientious cosmetics. Lastly, but very importantly for us, all NUXE products are free from parabens, mineral oil and animal extracts. Although this self-tan is not 100% organic, Nuxe does prioritise ingredients with a natural origin.

NUXE has released a Sun range, to revive lacklustre and tired winter skin. Within the Self-Tanning range is a Lotion and a Facial Balm. We were lucky enough to test out the lotion, and it delivers an even and natural-looking tan after being left on for 1 hour. You can keep applying it daily to achieve a gradually darker tan. It not only leaves the skin sun-kissed and streak-free, but it also leaves behind an iridescent glow that even J-Lo would be jealous of.

Purhcase the NUXE Sun Self-Tanning Lotion here for £15.50.

The Invisible Tan from Eco By Sonya is award-winning for a reason. Having Won Best Fake Tan in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016 and winner for Best Fake Tan at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, we can see why. We all love a tan, but the fact that this one is made with entirely natural ingredients, including plant, fruit and flower extracts, is music to our ears.

This overnight 8-hour tan is easily buildable and easy to apply because it doesn't tan instantly and leave dark, unsightly streaks. Don't let that fool you though, you only need one application for a bronzed finish, but you can always apply more layers if you're after an even deeper tan. This self-tan is best suited for medium/olive skin tones, so bear that in mind! The lotion applies like a moisturiser as it is infused with aloe vera, rose geranium oil, avocado oil and chamomile that leave the skin soft and nourished, helping the tan appear smoother and more even. It is free from synthetic fragrance, artificial oranges dyes (that leave orange smudges wherever you go), parabens and GMOs, and it's cruelty-free. Eco indeed.

Purchase The Invisible Tan By Eco By Sonya here, for £28.

The next wholesome tanner that we have for you is TanOrganic's Self Tan Mousse. This is the world's first certified-organic self-tan mousse, which is a significant badge of honour. As far as TanOrganic are concerned, a bad fake tan is as indiscreet as an obvious toupee, and we couldn't agree more. The trade-off for a quick and easy self-tan in mousse form is that it is generally a little flakey and patchy. TanOrganic, however, have created the ideal formula that combines the fast application of a mousse with the nourishment of a lotion. The mousse fades gradually and evenly, so you are not left with orange patches, and doesn't have that potent and offensive fake-tan smell.

This self-tan mousse is ultra moisturising, owing to the hyaluronic acid, moisturizing ingredients and natural food colouring (artificial colourants are usually what dry out the skin). Organic Aloe Vera juice, which is extremely hydrating and calming, makes up 80% of the formula. Not only this, but the entire formula is 100% organic and natural, without any synthetic ingredients, colours, dyes, drying agents, parabens or toxins. Last, but not least, it is cruelty-free. Really, the list goes on and on.

Of course, a staple for every self-tanning addict is an application and exfoliator glove, and we love TanOrganic's. Their Luxury Application Glove is extremely soft, and therefore gentle on the skin. The soft texture and separate thumb hole (that tanning mitts don't usually have) produces an even, streak free tan. The Tan-Erase Ultimate Exfoliator Glove provides extreme exfoliation with its course texture, perfect for preparing the skin pre-tan and removing old tan. You will be left with baby-soft skin, the perfect canvas for your Self Tan Mousse!

Purchase TanOrganic's Self Tan Mousse here for £31, the Application Glove here for £8 and the Exfoliator Glove here for £15.

Our final product is a unique one. Although it isn't based around natural ingredients like the others, we just had to throw it in as it is too intriguing a product not to. Tancream™, a patent pending self-tan is a unique blend of sunscreen and sunless tanning agents. The result is a luxury face and body lotion offering SPF 50, that also provides a gradual bronze tan. It wasn't as easy as popping a sunscreen and a self-tan in a bottle and shaking it up though. Tancream is the result of two years of intensive research that has been endorsed by leading dermatologists. Your skin is definitely in safe hands, especially since the sun is no joke.

The sunscreen properties give this product Ultra UVA 5 star High Sun Protection and protects the skin against damaging and ageing UVA rays. You also don't have to worry about patchy orange skin, as the intensely hydrating lotion gives life to dry skin. Infused with instant bronzer, you achieve a healthy and lasting glow. Not only this, but the lotion also contains Tancream's unique anti-ageing formula. The formula is easy to apply, and streak- and fragrance-free.

Purchase Tancream here for £39.95.

We hope you'll join us on our venture for partly or wholly natural and organic self-tanners, as really, they don't need to contain all those nasties. Be bronzed and glowy whilst treating and protecting your skin!