We can all relate to the moment where you become so tired of your hair falling in front of your face, you finally decide to just throw it up into a ponytail. Depending on your hair type, some bands unfortunately do not get the job done right. We at The Amazing Blog have had this happen plenty of times, but thanks to Popbands, all of our pony problems are over.

Popbands are soft, stretchy and they don’t leave dent marks in your hair. Now you don’t have to be embarrassed about letting your hair down after a couple of hours in a ponytail.

Popbands do what they are supposed to do. As someone with long, thick hair, I have a hard time finding a band that can keep my hair tight in a ponytail for an entire day. I hate having to fix my hair every couple of hours. With Popbands, I never have that issue. They hold my hair perfectly in place for the entire day. Another benefit? I never have to deal with those thin black hair bands that always rip my hair out when I let it down. My hair never gets caught in my Popband.

They also come in bright, fun colours and are cute enough to wear on your wrist as an extra bracelet. The more uses you can get out of a simple product, the better!

You can purchase individual hair bands here, or if one band isn't enough, you can buy multi packs here. It’s time to smarten up your locks.