Purifying Cleanser- SASS

At The Amazing Blog us women all unite together we feed of each other sharing all our beauty secrets and tips. It’s no secret that we love our beauty products and we want all women to feel sassy and confident, we have been lucky enough to try the brand Sass and its product the Purifying Cleanser.

Ladies meet Sass it is an intimate brand purely for women. This skincare brand caters for our female needs in making sure we feel like an empowered confident individual. Sass aims to make sure women feel comfortable in their own body by providing intimate products that will enable them to prevent unwanted smells and maintain an intimate harmony. The purifying cleanser has a beautiful scent to its product it oozes with freshness and has a healthy fragrance to the product, we recommend using the product daily by gently applying two pumps of the cleanser and rinsing with fresh water to ensure the best outcome. 

It’s important to have a pretty mind, soul and look. Get yours here for £7.00 we can all be sass together!