Rajeunir - Moisture Serum

Now that the cold is heading back our way, we at The Amazing Blog are trying to keep our skin healthy and moisturised before the drying weather really sets in. Luckily, samples of Rajeunir’s Moisture Serum arrived right on cue, and we were able to keep a healthy, happy glow in our complexions.

Taking their brand name from the French word for rejuvenate, Rajeunir certainly did make our skin feel replenished. The Moisture Serum is made up of a unique formulation of seven active ingredients, referred to as “The Magnificent Seven”, all of which are formulated to work incredibly hard on your skin and give you that ‘Rajeunir Glow’. The gel-like texture absorbs deep into the skin, locking in hydration, and giving our visage a beautiful, soft feeling. Suitable for sensitive skin, the serum protects against the effects of UVA, UVB, and free radicals, as well as being completely paraben free. Using the serum both morning and night, we found that it worked best after cleansing, providing the perfect base for us to apply our make-up and other potions.

Now that we are armed with this Moisture Serum, we feel that we are more than ready to take on whatever the oncoming cold weather can throw at us. Purchase the Rajeunir Moisture Serum here for £42.00.