Ramer Sponges - Wet Shave Towel

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It will come as no surprise to regular readers of The Amazing Blog to hear that whenever we get the chance to report on a product which will help the daily ritual of shaving a tad more successful, then we are up for it with our razors primed … add the promise of some serious ‘salonesque’ pampering into the mix, and we cannot hold ourselves back. So, when we heard the whisper that Ramer Sponges were set to launch a new collection targeted at us boys, called Ramer For Men, we kept our eyes peeled for the first offerings. Zeroing in today on the ingenious idea of the Ramer For Men, Wet Shave Towel  - although don’t let that put you off exploring their extensive range for boys, girls, grown-ups and little ones alike.

Those of us lucky enough to enjoy the true expertise of a trained barber, will not only know the intense relaxation afforded when having our skin prepared by a professional before the slicing of the blade commences, but also the vital task all that preparation does in opening up the pores and softening the beard. By lubricating the follicles effectively of course we lessen the chance of the dreaded razor drag which inevitably leads to razor rash and burn which is never a good start to the day! And chaps, we need to make a note of the growing trend of losing the hipster beard trend - 55% of us are now embracing a smoother look according to an online poll, and making the most of that precious half hour spent in the barber’s chair. Which is where Ramer come in and present their wonderful option of enjoying the salon experience every day at home with their Wet Shave Towel.

The process with this Wet Shave Towel could not be easier - simply immerse the towel in hot water, squeeze and apply to the face to soften the beard; the heat and moisture will open up the pores, preparing the skin effectively for the razor onslaught.Then shave as we would normally, removing excess foam when complete, and rinse the towel, but this time in cold water. Re-apply to the face to close up the pores, and moisturise, thereby giving us the luxury of a wet shave barber experience, but in the comfort of our own bathroom. To store, we simply rinse again and allow to dry - each towel is super-soft, hypoallergenic, machine washable at 40º and ideal for sensitive skin.

This Wet Shave Towel comes in 3 colours (black, lime green and ultra violet) with approximate dimensions of this new found favourite, is 360mm x 210mm and retails at just £6.99 available here or from John Lewis and Superdrug.  We think that it will be simply a matter of time before this magic towel becomes as indispensable as the razor itself.