Red Love Apple Juice by Biddenden


Classic, refreshing, delicious; three words that come to our minds here at The Amazing Blog when we think about The Biddenden Red Love Apple Juice.  Biddenden is a family run vineyard based in the garden of England, Kent. They have gained their experience over generations from producing award winning wines and by using this expertise in viticulture, they launched in 2015 their non-alcoholic drink made from pure red apple juice. Biddenden Vineyards are the first to create a naturally red apple juice in the UK.

The Red Love Apple Juice is a freshly pressed with a rosy coloured hue, sweet and zesty unlike any other apple juice that we've tasted! Red Love apples are a variety originally grown in Switzerland which are distinctive with their sweet, crisp and delicious rounded flavour. The apples are cultivated in East Malling and bottled at the Biddenden vineyards. The juice is a refreshing and fruity beverage with no added colourants, chemicals or sugars, it is just sweetened naturally by the Red Love apple themselves.

The Red Love Apple Juice is simply delicious and was gulped down greedily when it first arrived. We think that it makes a great key ingredient for Chritstmas cocktails, think an Appletini: Red Love Apple Juice (1 part), Vodka ( 3 parts) and Cointreau (1 part) all shaken, not stirred and  served in chilled martini glasses, garnished with a single red apple slice. Perfect! The Red Love Apple juice is a very light and fruity drink with a balanced acidity and sweetness  giving it versatility and making it the a great partner for lots of different food pairings. We are not the only ones to be won over by this apple juice, as it has also been awarded a two star Great Taste award in 2016. The Red Love Apple Juice is a non-alcoholic drink and is suitable for anyone who enjoys a high-quality fruit juice. However, let's not forget that this apple juice also come with the added benefits of high levels of anti-oxidants and lots of health benefits. Purchase this delicious apple juice here for £3.70 for a 1 litre bottle.