Supreme Cell Vitality Rejuvenating Mask by Elizabeth Grant

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The Amazing Blog is a huge believer in using masks to try and achieve that all elusive perfect complexion. We keep being told by the media that it is imperative to use an effective face mask at least once a week. So, we have been testing out quite a few to see which ones seem to be the most effective.  We received the Supreme Cell Vitality Rejuvenating Mask from the American skincare range  Elizabeth Grant. This product claims to "Provide protection and revitalise the skin making it appear more radiant" We couldn't wait to try! 

The Supreme Cell Vitality Rejuvenating Mask is formulated to purify the skin and boost its natural luminosity. A plethora of good ingredients: Kaolin, Canadian glacial oceanic clay, blue green algae extract, eryngium maritimum extract, aloe vera juice; as well as  chamomille, tea-oil camellia, sage flower and cucumber extracts are all incorporated in this mask formula. Kaolin clay and Canadian clay not only act as a gentle exfoliator but also remove excess oil and draw out impurities. Eryngium Maritimum extract stimulates skin regeneration by increasing elastin and collagen in the epidermis. Blue Green algae the brand star ingredient works for a suppler and more luminous skin.

This mask is a performer. It is perfect for those looking for an immediate glow and youthful-looking skin. After one application our skin looked clearer, smoother (and firmer for the older members of the team!) We think that this mask makes it both a wonderful anti-ageing and rejuvenating mask. Suitable for almost anyone. Easy to use just smooth it on with your fingertips gently applying to all areas of the face (avoiding the area  the eye), leave it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it with warm water -  et voilàThe mask is available at IdealWorldtv for £49.99.