Skin Soul Drops - Rouge Bunny Rouge

Here at The Amazing Blog, we’re always on the hunt for new and innovative products. Lately we’ve been eyeing the craze over customisable foundations because they’re perfect for those of us who can’t find our exact shade or preferred coverage. Luckily, we've found that Rouge Bunny Rouge has recently launched a product called the Foundation Essence Skin Soul Drops.

This Foundation Essence has the texture of a serum but contains approximately 36% pigments so you can mix it with any moisturising or priming products to make a personalised foundation. This super-blendable fluid has a pore-minimising demi-matte finish that lasts all day! Rouge Bunny Rouge suggests mixing one drop with any base for a tinted moisturiser-like finish, and five drops for a concealer-like finish. We prefer using around 3-4 drops for a natural every day look. No matter how many drops you add, it still has a natural appearance due to the Jojoba, Mimosa, and Sunflower waxes that mimic skin texture. So far only three shades are available, but mixing them with coloured bases makes them easily adjustable to suit your skin tone. These drops are also perfect for lightening or darkening a foundation that you already have!

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