Skincare Feature: Flora Mare by Asam Beauty

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It is said that the best mornings start with an exceptional skincare routine. At The Amazing Blog we couldn’t agree more, especially after we experienced the Flora Mare by Asam Beauty products. The company is an innovative skincare brand that formulates their skincare products with anti-ageing ingredients, sea minerals and plant extracts. We were lucky enough to try out four of them.

One of our favourite product is the Day and Night cream, which is not surprising as it is one of the brand’s bestsellers. The cream is enriched with advanced sea minerals such as platinum-mare complex, omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as highly nutritive plant extracts including argan oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, apricot kernel and aster maritima. The cream is a universal product that is designed to suit all skin types. Its refreshing and nourishing properties repair, pamper and leave the skin velvety- soft. The Day and Night cream is definitively a must-have skincare product to anyone who wishes to look fabulous day and night.

Did I just say that we loved the Flora Mare Day and Night Cream, well then we adored the Brightening Moment eye cream. This moisturising eye cream unlike any other cares and enhances your skin. Formulated with sea and maritime plants ingredients it deeply nourishes the skin, and reduces the visibility of dark circles and redness around the eyes. As well as concealing imperfections and illuminating the eyes the cream can also be used as a base for eyeshadows. When applied the Brightening Moment eye cream gives you an all-natural, healthy and glowy look. It is the perfect beauty product to use in your morning routine as it instantly gives you a wide awake and radiant look. Simply amazing! 

Ocean Elixir such an inspiring and promising name. This moisturising face serum is a real treat for the skin. Like the brand’s other products it is made with the Flora Mare unique recipe and ingredients including concentrated sea minerals and trace elements that instantly provide the hydration the skin needs. The consistency of the serum is very light; it spreads evenly on the skin and gives you a youthful radiance.

When we think about beauty and skincare, we tend to give great importance to the face and often neglect other parts of our body like the hands. Yes, the hands they are one of the most visible parts of our wonderful body, and they deserve as much attention as the face. Flora Mare took all the essential minerals out of the ocean and created a hand cream that has all the ingredients to make your hands look gorgeous. Not only the hand cream nourishes and hydrates the hands it is also a fabulous anti-ageing treatment that reduces the appearance of hand pigmentation and revitalises the skin.

Purchase the Day and Night cream here for £26.50; the eye cream can be purchased here for £15. If you want to experience a bit of Ocean Elixir it is available here for £23.00 and two piece hand cream duo can be purchased here for £22.50.