24hour Multi-action Balancing Cream and Rejuvenating Herbal Elixir from Kypwell.

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At The Amazing Blog, we wish we were holidaying in Cyprus instead of enduring the English autumn, however with Kypwell products you bring Cyprus into your skincare. Their products are based on locally grown herbs and the Cyprian lifestyle. With an inherent respect for nature and belief in holistic beauty, Kypwell products are free from parabens, mineral oils, GMO, synthetic fragrances, colours, silicons, and harsh chemicals. Hopefully, that sounds as impressive to you as it did to us. Also, all their skincare products are PETA certified, vegan and not tested on animals. At The Amazing Blog, we got our hands on the Kypwell 24 hour Multi-action Balancing Cream for oily/combination skin and Kypwell Rejuvenating Herbal Elixir for normal/dry skin and oily/combination skin.

Kypwell's 24hour Multi-action Balancing Cream uses a specialist blend of herbs and herbal extracts including yarrow, agrimonium, betula, althaea, elder, geranium, and rose to regulate oiliness in the skin, provide anti-inflammatory agents and tone the skin. Oily skin readers should note that even with oily skin, moisturising is key to good skin, so the 24hour Multi-action Balancing Cream also maintains skin hydration. The 24hour Multi-action Balancing Cream is also available in a formula for normal/dry skin which rejuvenates the skin's collagen and contains UV and pollen protection.

The Rejuvenating Herbal Elixir is also available in two formulas; normal/dry and oily/combination. We tried the normal/dry formula which provides a deep hydration and increases skin's elasticity. Enriched with borage, jojoba, avocado, grape-seed and apricot oils the elixir improves water circulation through layers of the skin, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increases the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Apply 1-2 pumps to face prior to moisturising with the 24hour Multi-action Balancing Cream and watch it take instant effect.

The Kypwell products come in recyclable packaging, airtight to preserve the natural ingredients inside. You can find the 24hour Multi-action Balancing Cream (50ml) here for £57.99, and the Rejuvinating Herbal Elixir (30ml) here for £68.70.