Skinshop - Conceal & Shield Pen

As all acne sufferers know, finding a concealer that both blends well and doesn’t clog our pores and make our acne worse is next to impossible. When a product comes along that can both cover blemishes and heal them, it’s hard to contain the excitement that ensues. We here at The Amazing Blog have found that magical combination in Skinshop’s new Conceal & Shield Pen.

This concealer uses Teflose®, a natural new ingredient that creates a thin coating over your skin to prevent bacteria from getting in and reduce inflammation. So not only will this product keep your acne from being seen, it will actively heal while you wear it. Conceal & Shield also contains prebiotics that work to heal acne from the inside out by saturating pores with good bacteria. Skin probiotic Biolin® works to heal the skin barrier and fight off any remaining acne bacteria, so the more you use this concealer, the better your skin feels.

Even with the teflon-like coating, Conceal & Shield doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and blends naturally. It has a fine brush applicator built in for easy use and comes in four shades so that acne sufferers of most skin tones can reap the benefits of this unique product.

If you suffer from acne and are in search of the elusive concealer that can both heal and cover, look no further than Skinshop’s website here, where Conceal & Shield can be bought for only £11.95