Urban Jack - Revolution Shave Serum

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We have often wondered here at The Amazing Blog, why when it comes to shaving the unwanted follicles from our varied skin types, many shaving preparations often obliterate any view of the actual epidermis? When we are about to drag a ferociously sharp razor edge across our chins, would it not make more sense to have a cream which actually keeps visibility as a priority, allowing us to see what we are trying to do? We all have highly individual challenges when it comes to our skin, whether that be problematic acne or moles which obviously need to avoid the unforgiving blade, or indeed the more aesthetic requirements of trimming away only that which we are wanting to get rid of.

The anwer to this conundrum has happily arrived in the stylishly  designed range of products from Urban Jack - and in particular a hero product in the shape of their Revolution Shave Serum which was swiftly transferred onto the beard which needed a bit of attention. Boasting some seriously impressive ingredients -vitis vinifera (grape) fruit meristem cell culture, which are powerful antiioxidants that protect skin from UV stress and maintains the cell characteristics of epidermal stem cells; limanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil which functions as a skin-conditioning agent oryza sativa (rice) bran oil extract for skin soothing enzymes and antioxidant properties. And always one of our favourites, shea butter which not only provides a rich source of vitamin A, but is also rapidly absorbed into the skin and seals in moisture helping to keep those wrinkles at bay. The rice bran oil also brings unsaturated fatty acids to the mix, as well as natural antioxidants and vitamin E to help protect the skin, whereas the alba seed oil helps to form a natural barrier to keep moisture within the skin, avoiding dehydration. As proud as Urban Jack are of this shaving gem that is made up of 96% natural ingredients, they also take great pride in being against animal testing, as well as dermatologically tested, totally vegan-friendly, and of course made in the UK!

Urban Jack offer up a few suggestions to their customers of ‘how to use’ here . It comes  in at a very competitive priced £18 for 30ml, the Revolution ShaveSerum is available through their online shop here where the complete range can also be thoroughly inspected, which is definitely worth checking out for all the other goodies on offer. Standard delivery is free of charge, but we also have the option of next day delivery which is charged at £3.95. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Cosmetics - Primer & Contouring Liquid

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As beauty lovers here at The Amazing Blog we were so excited to receive some products from Rouge Bunny Rouge. They sent us their ‘Shadow Play’ Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid and ‘Prelude in the Clouds’ Aqua Primer, and it’s safe to say we are impressed. These products may become staples in our make-up bag!Priming the skin is an essential part of creating a flawless base, and the Aqua Primer is no exception. This water-based primer glides seamlessly onto the skin creating a smooth and luminous base. The primer contains lots of amazing active ingredients; such as Sea Buck-Thorn Berry extract that is an amazing anti-oxidant and anti-ageing ingredient that promotes cell tissue regeneration. Iris Florentina Root Extract helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, while Saccharide Isomerate provides intense moisturisation. Bisabolol is used in the primer for its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant capabilities, helping counteract any redness you may have. Additionally, the primer also contains Vitamin E and Retinol Palmitate to help improve skin texture, giving you that smooth and flawless look. With all these amazing ingredients you can see why this primer works; if you want to create the perfect base for your foundation you need to try it.

Contouring has quickly become a staple part of a lot of our make-up routines and the ‘Shadow Play’ Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid is a super easy product to use to create a perfectly chiselled face. The formula is easy to blend out and leaves a flawless finish; you can use little or build the product up to achieve your desired look. The product comes with an easy to use sponge applicator that glides effortlessly across the face, once dried the product is super long lasting! You don’t have to worry about this fading throughout the day and night.

You can purchase the Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘Shadow Play’ Natural Defining & Contouring Liquid here for €35.00 and ‘Prelude in the Clouds’ Aqua Primer here for €53.00.

Friday Favourites - Beauty Boxes

Christmas is over and we're in freezing wet January! Most of us have already broken our 'good intentions' for our New Years resolutions. With all these grey days, we thought that we'd  share some beauty box ideas to cheer you up. Here at The Amazing Blog, we're big fans of these boxes as they give us a much needed variety of beauty treats each month and we have chosen our favorite boxes which will provide you with some spoiling treats.

Whether it’s a much needed pamper session or ready to hit the town, Dollibox has got you covered. From eyelashes to face masks, it’s a beauty addicts dream. As soon as our box arrived in the office, we couldn’t wait to indulge and try out all the products. DolliBox will send you five luxury treats to your door every month, prepping you with tips and tutorials. Dollibox will give you the opportunity to test out different  products to help you find that personal favourite.

Starting with the Freemans Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Face Mask and Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask, a must have for a pamper night in with the girls. Oil Arganic is something every girl should keep in their beauty treasure chests. 100% Argan oil, this product will moisturise and hydrate, giving your skin that natural boost as well as replenishing your hair. Also great for lips, nails, hands and feet, the benefits are seemingly endless. If you are having more bad hair days than good, Wonder 10 is what you need, transforming your hair in ten different ways to give you smooth and shiny hair. TanTruth will give you that summer glow, pulling you through the winter months. If you are ready to hit the town but forgot to pick up your eyelashes, Dolli Box has you covered. Eye Candy gives you those fluttery eyelashes, great for finalising that smokey eye effect. A beautiful sparkly nail polish is all you need to finish your look this season and Dolli Box has given you Little Ondine, a natural nail polish which is easy to peel off after use. 

Dollibox will reveal to you their beauty secrets for a bargain price and we love the idea of a flexible plan, no pressure or worries. A month to month package is just £10, 6 Month suscription £9 and for 12 month plan £8.50 plus £3.25 extra for Delivery on all plans. Click here to start receiving your Dollibox now.

We love finding new and upcoming products and Cohorted is here to provide us with those monthly must-haves. Giving you the choice of two boxes; White edition or Black Edition.

The Black edition is full of all your favourite luxury beauty brands we all jumped around in glee when the postman arrived. The award winning nail polish, Nails Inc. has already won us over before with their amazing shades of choice, however we loved the colour shades Cohorted had given us; Chelsea Flower Show and Colville Mews. Chelsea Flower Show, a bright and bold orange shade is great to light up an outfit in these cold winter nights whilst Colville Meadows a delicate beige shade will compliment any outfit you wear, all year round.  Lighten up your eyes with Bare Minerals instant eye reviver to help reduce tired looking eyes. Contouring is taking the beauty world by storm and Laura Mercier’s Facebook Palette is an essential. A complexion for flawless skin, the palette offers two concealers to cover those blemishes, a tinted moisturiser and mineral pressed powder to set the look. To bring some drama to your eyes, Cargo’s eye palette will give you that smoky eye effect. Richly pigmented colours, this palette is a winter must-have.  To finish off your gorgeous new appearance, Cohorted gifted us with a spray of Chloe, a fresh, floral scent, giving you that elegant smell. Cohorted Black Edition is available here for £35 a month. A giveaway for what you get!

Once you have got your make up looking flawless, all you need is a fragrance that matches your new look. Whether you want fun and zesty or something sensual and warm, Cohorted white edition has something for everybody. As soon as we lifted the lid, inside was a full sized 100ml Guerlain Shalimar L’eau bottle, staring at us in all its beautiful glory. From the elegant packaging to the spritz of its fresh and citrus notes, Shalimar is perfect for daytime wear and for an evening with the girls.  If that wasn’t enough to please us, a small bottle of Boucheron Paris Perfume was perfectly placed to the side in stunning white packaging. It’s orange blossom tones and rose essence is a great fragrance for spring time, smelling heavenly. Cohorted surprised us with a mini bottle of Versace Crystal Noir, a seductive and ultra-feminine scent dominated by notes of Gardenia, Donatella’s favourite flower. Last but certainly not least, a little sample of Annick Goutal Petite Cherie, which was actually made for Goutal’s daughter herself. A floral and fruity perfume with notes of pear and rose, great for daytime wear or the perfume for the summer season. Box value at £120 its silly not to grab it for only £35 a month here.

If you are a fragrance fanatic then the Perfume Society is for you. It works a little different to the other boxes. Inside is full off mini samples from a variety of companies. Ranging from Atkinsons, Floriental to Noir Exquis, The Perfume society box has got you sorted for finding your perfect scent. Accompanied with smelling notes and sample blotters, you can test out every one. Also provided is a beauty treat hidden amongst the glorious scents. Sarah Chapman’s Intense Hydrating Booster will leave your thirsty skin moisturised and rejuvenated.

To grab your own Perfume Society Box, you can buy a VIP subscription which includes eight editions of ‘The Scented Letter,’ an online fragrance magazine and you’ll also receive the Perfume Society all for just £25 a year here.  Alternatively, you can buy the box individually for £17.50 here.

Thalgo - Anti-Ageing Foundation Radiance Corrector

Here at The Amazing Blog, we want more from our foundations. The majority now give us SPF protection and flawless coverage, but as we're seeing more and more 'skincare' foundations, we want our foundation to treat our skin as well as making it look good. Thalgo have answered our prayers with the new Anti-ageing Foundation Radiance Corrector, it provides great coverage, colour correction and the benefits of anti-ageing skincare.

The three available shades are designed to correct and enhance the complexion. Whether your skin tone is fair or darker, the foundation will melt into the skin to provide a customised result. The silky formula combines the essential power of Marine Silicium and biomimetic pigments to reveal beautiful, youthful-looking skin. The Silicium is truly the hero ingredient; it not only encourages cell renewal but also strengthens and protects your skin. The result is smoother, firmer and even skin, just what every girl wants.

The make-up performance is equally impressive. The rose tint provides colour correction against dark spots, to give you a luminous look. The use of fine mineral pigments enables the foundation to blend naturally with any skin shades, and the addition of spherical powders enhances skin brightness by providing light in shadowy areas of the face. We were astounded by the lasting power of the foundation; even on oily skin, no touch ups were needed. It can be evenly applied with your fingers or a damp sponge and dries to a fine, almost powdery finish with a velvety texture.

Get a stunning, flawless and youthful complexion while also nourishing your skin by getting your own anti-ageing foundation here for £32.

Skinshop - Conceal & Shield Pen

As all acne sufferers know, finding a concealer that both blends well and doesn’t clog our pores and make our acne worse is next to impossible. When a product comes along that can both cover blemishes and heal them, it’s hard to contain the excitement that ensues. We here at The Amazing Blog have found that magical combination in Skinshop’s new Conceal & Shield Pen.

This concealer uses Teflose®, a natural new ingredient that creates a thin coating over your skin to prevent bacteria from getting in and reduce inflammation. So not only will this product keep your acne from being seen, it will actively heal while you wear it. Conceal & Shield also contains prebiotics that work to heal acne from the inside out by saturating pores with good bacteria. Skin probiotic Biolin® works to heal the skin barrier and fight off any remaining acne bacteria, so the more you use this concealer, the better your skin feels.

Even with the teflon-like coating, Conceal & Shield doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and blends naturally. It has a fine brush applicator built in for easy use and comes in four shades so that acne sufferers of most skin tones can reap the benefits of this unique product.

If you suffer from acne and are in search of the elusive concealer that can both heal and cover, look no further than Skinshop’s website here, where Conceal & Shield can be bought for only £11.95