Superberry Serum by Scienea

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Superberry and Serum are two words we at The Amazing Blog love, so Scienea’s new Superberry Repair and Restore Face Serum rocketed to the top of our must wish list. We're always interested in brands like Scienea who are passionate about using only the finest natural ingredients to create great products that work. Even better if like Scienea, their products are manufactured in the UK and are clinically tested (but not on animals).

The Superberry Serum was full as skin nutrition as we thought it would be. It contains eleven clinically proven natural ingredients which helped to improve our skin’s elasticity as well as smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. It is also anti-inflammatory and deeply penetrating boosting the skin's natural defences. The Superberry Serum contains acai berry, blackberry extract and primrose oil, so it is packed full of anti-oxidants. This means that not only will it smooth out wrinkles, but it will also make skin appear brighter and more hydrated. All of which make this mighty little bottle a winner in our eyes.

You can purchase the Superberry Serum here for £30.00