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Friday Favourites - Hair Masks

Well, it’s finally Friday and time for another of our Friday Favourites! Have any fun weekend plans that require you to look radiant? Maybe a date night? Or just finally having some time for a bit of self-care? At the Amazing Blog, we like to take time out to apply a weekly hair mask. Whether it’s lying in the bath relaxing with a glass of something chilled, or feet up on the sofa watching Netflix - all are ideal moments for allowing a hair mask to work its magic. Today we have three of our favourite hair masks to introduce, they are hair mask and treatments that will not only leave your hair shiner and more nourished but also help to moisturise your much-neglected scalp too.


Let’s start with the 72 Hair Intense Replenishing Mask. 72 Hair was started by the Greens, a family of hairdressers with over 40 years of combined experience. With three generations of hairdressers, Gary has salons in Miami and London, while Matt is one of London’s go-to colourists. Johnny is 72’s ingredients expert, hand-selecting the finest ingredients to make up the formulas; while Nick is passionate about communicating 72 Hair’s philosophy to clients. As a joint effort, they decided to come together with their experience and knowledge and create an exclusive range product for both their salons and clients.

Winner of the 2018 Hair Awards the 72 Hair Mask is an ideal way to show your hair some love. We recommend using this alone or with the full range for 72 hair. We used it once a week, waiting 10-15 minutes before rinsing for best results, although it can be used more often on damaged hair. Infused with avocado and wheatgerm oil, your hair will be shinier, stronger and more nourished as It penetrates to de-frizz and is suitable for all hair types. It certainly left our hair smooth and tangle-free. To buy your 72 Intensive Replenish Mask for 250ml at £25, see here.

lore masks.jpg

Lore Originals was started with the mission to create a simplified, unisex haircare range that provides integrity and health no matter your gender. A joint-effort between acclaimed stylists, clients, British chemists and perfumers, Lore Originals is suitable for all hair types. With Lore Originals, ‘his and hers’ products are a thing of the past. They are meant to be minimal and the products are all multi-use and versatile.

Packed with natural oils, essential acids, advanced scientific compounds and marine plant cultures the Legend Dry Mask provides complex levels of conditioning and strengthening. The Legend Dry Mask is pre-shampoo mask, and unique because it must be applied to dry hair for concentrated absorption. Volcanic marine bio cultures assist in prevention of heat-induced environmental stress and scalp dehydration, something that most people have. Not to mention, the scientific actives target the core elasticity of the hair which helps to speed up the drying time, great for those of us on the go! As mentioned, it works best on dry hair leaving where you leave mask ‘to set’ for a minimum of 15 minutes in surrounding temperatures of 25 to 40 degrees, which gave us the perfect excuse to have a bath or sauna (make sure to keep the hair dry). Free from parabens, sulphates, triclosan and MIT; with key ingredients including cystine co-polymer, green tea extract, kaolin, shea butter, sunflower and grapeseed oils. This was the best smelling hair mask, we loved the subtle green tea fragrance, that left our hair smelling simply divine. If you would like to purchase the Lore Legend Dry Hair Mask, it can be purchased here in a pack of 6 individual packets of 30ml each for £38. Ideal for travelling or taking on holiday.

Zen Organic.jpg

Zenz Organics is a Nordic professional beauty and hair care company founded by Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen who also founded the first green hair salon in Denmark back in 1999. After developing allergies towards chemical-based hair products during her apprenticeship as a hairdresser, Anne-Sophie was inspired to create her own line of organic and vegan hair care products. That’s where Zenz Organics was born.

The Zenz Organic Treatment Pure No. 03 Hair Mask is perfect for every member of the family. Made from only organic ingredients and without synthetic perfumes, it leaves the hair silky and soft without weighing it down. We love how it uses organic cold-pressed avocado oil and purified aloe vera to strengthen the hair from scalp to end. It coats each strand with a protective film to maintain the intensity of salon coloured hair, making it ideal for those who use dye. It is meant to be applied on freshly washed hair once a week but can also be used as both a rinse-out and a leave-in treatment. One of us here, has a very sensitive scalp and she said that this is the first EVER hair mask that hasn’t irritated her scalp. So it gets a big thumbs up from us. We’re very excited to have made the discovery of this brand and look forward to trying more from their range. The Zenz Organic Treatment Pure No. 3 Hair Mask 250ml can be purchased here for £39.

Which one will you choose?

FiiLit – Parfum du Voyage

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As we were discussing here at The Amazing Blog, perfumes are an expression of ourselves, they tell a story and reveal a few of our personality traits. We all love to smell enticing, wafting into a room with some delicious fragrance or other. In fact, some of us can’t leave home without a spritz of our favourite fragrance! We find particularly when flying, security can present a bit of a problem as we’re not able to take 100ml+ bottles in hand luggage. FiiLit has the answer, with their travel-friendly ‘Perfume Sample Set’. These are ideal for slipping into a pocket or small bag and can literally be taken everywhere. FiiLit perfumes are not only perfect for travelling but they will also take you on an olfactory journey around the world. Each fragrance is inspired by the country from where the natural ingredients are sourced.

FiiLiT, from the Anglicism ‘Feel It’ was founded by Regis and Eloi, who are two scent enthusiasts who have created a range of perfumes that remind them of their nomadic worldwide travels. Apart from creating fragrant memories from different cultures and communities, they also wanted these elixirs to be good for the skin and the planet. FiiLit perfumes are vegan and made with a range between 87% to 100% of only natural ingredients. They have partnered with Stéphane Piquart's company BeHave to source their base ingredients and essential oils. BeHave works with multiple NGOs to get the ideal balance between quality ingredients and giving back to the communities.

The FiiLiT’s ‘Perfume Sample Set has 9 different eco-friendly Eau de Parfum fragrances, each represents a country or region. So why not indulge your senses and take off on your travels with some of our favourites: TUMBAO - CUBA a zesty touch with lime, blue ginger, cardamom, tobacco and rum perfume; or dip your feet in Polynesian waters with TEHANI - POLYNESIE the aroma of santal tanzani, tiare, citrus cocoa, ylang-ylang and patchouli. Perhaps immerse yourself in the Amazonian jungle with SAUDADE - AMAZONIA while smelling passionflower and fruit, guaiac wood, cabreuva tonka and balsam of Peru. Or take the opportunity to relax with the aphrodisiac scent of ylang-ylang, marigold, ravintsara, geranium, vanilla, and cinnamon from the land of Madagascar with WAKA - MADAGASCAR.

Have we piqued your interest? Then do try the others in the Sample Set which are inspired by Bali, Japan, Cyclades, Provence or Babylonia. To get your FiiLiT ‘Perfume Sample Set’ see here for £8.10. Once you’ve found your fragrance, why not upgrade to the 50 or 100ml bottle starting from £53.10 here. Then once you have run out, simply buy your refills here. Perfect!

PuraVida Bio

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As our readers know, at The Amazing Blog we always veer towards good all-natural products. But, even with all the natural products we use, toxins still find a way to get into our skin through polluted air. We know that we’ll never leave the hustle and bustle of the city, but is the city air messing with our skin? Enter PuraVida Bio with their skin detox line. The Detox Serum, Detox Mask and Anti-age Balm all offer a perfect remedy to polluted skin. Anti-pollution skincare is one of the fastest growing areas in beauty and is something we’re all keen to try more of.

PuraVida Bio is an Italian brand of organic skincare that was started after identifying a need for high quality, innovative skincare products for all age ranges that are also completely safe and effective. We particularly like how they break down the ingredients that they use in each product with a purpose for each one. What makes this brand ‘different’ is that all their products are made with certified natural organic ingredients which are transformed into precious plant Lysates. The ingredients are provided by Alce Nero approved Italian farmers who cultivate under strict guidelines for organic farming. These are then go through a method of biotransformation into certified Lysates through an active process of natural fermentation (called ‘elision’), which strengthens all the antioxidants revitalising all the ingredients used. You can read more about this here.

We were sent three of their key products to test. The first of which was their Detox Serum, which is a concentration of anti-pollution active ingredients. It contains extract of Malvasia grapevines which maintain the correct level of skin microflora and speed up natural detoxification. The serum can be applied alone or before a moisturiser or balm, but we saw the best results when using together with their Anti-age Balm.

The Anti-age Balm we enjoyed using, light in texture, easy to absorb and the fragrance has a delicious powdery sweetness (the beetroot extract?) The extract of beetroot helps bind vitamin D on the skin, essential for toning and hydrating the skin. This is a long lasting formula that goes on working for 24 hours as it’s powerful antioxidants, ceramides and fermented angelica oil protect the skin and keep it toned and uniform. The vitamin C stimulates the renewal of collagen and combats the formation of age spots.

Our favourite of the three products is hands down the Detox Mask. It comes in these perfect single-use travel pods that are so easy to throw in a carry-on bag if you’re traveling. The PuraVida mask is the fastest way to detox your skin. Just apply the mask to the face and neck and leave for 15 minutes, once a week. It’s rich in powerful antioxidants and vitamin D, which is necessary for proper skin hydration.

All products are natural, gluten free, nickel tested no parabens or artificial preservatives and are not tested on animal. They are also approved by ICEA, one of the most important institutes for ethical and environmental certification. If you would like to remove some of the effects of pollution from your skin, the PuraVida Bio Detox products  can all be purchased here. The 50 ml Anti-age Balm is €32. You can purchase the 30 ml Detox Serum for €45 and the pack of 4 (8ml) Detox Masks retails for €22.

Clockface Beauty - Foot & Leg Scrub and Foot & Leg Balm

clockface temp.jpg

The Amazing Blog office is always buzzing with activities so much so, that we often forget to take time out to indulge in a bit of pampering (i.e. a relaxing foot massage). That why we love the way The Clockface Beauty, have created a ‘little bit heaven on earth’ with their two Foot & Leg Scrub and Foot & Leg Balm home-spa products.

Clockface Beauty is a mother-daughter luxury skincare brand equipped with organic natural products for guaranteed skincare results. Sarah Thomas, the founder of Clockface Beauty started to become concerned about what she used on her skin as it dramatically changed while she was pregnant with her eldest son. With help from her mother, Karen Horsely, they created a multi-tasking skincare brand that is 100% natural, ethical and proven. Clockface Beauty also prides itself on being sustainable and organic with transparent product labelling.

The Clockface Beauty Foot & Leg Scrub is undoubtedly a unique product with its versatility, as it doubles up as a foot scrub and hydrating shaving conditioner. The scrub works quickly and effectively to remove dead skin cells and everyday toxins while tightening, firming, toning, smoothing and adding vitamins to the skin. The scrub has a light pink colour and appears foamy. It has a slightly sweet smell of neroli which is awakening and fresh. Unlike ordinary scrubs, it has fine salt granules which making it safe for exfoliating your legs and feet and the infused butter ensures your skin is not stripped of its oils leaving the skin moisturised after rinsing. Great for massaging onto tired feet to refresh and revive. To use as a conditioning shaving cream, apply before shaving and then rinse off afterwards with warm water. This scrub contains Himalayan pink salt, mango and avocado butter, neroli, ylang ylang essential oils.

As they say two is always better than one! And to accompany the delicious Scrub is the Clockface Beauty Foot & Leg Balm, this is unmatched with Its uplifting, revitalising and refreshing treatment. Winner of the 2019 Mama & Baby Awards it is fortified with a range of essential oils, avocado, mango butter and vitamin E this is the ultimate treat for tired feet.  The balm hydrates, soothes, smoothes and moisturises legs and feet. The antioxidants help fight off the signs of ageing and fatty acids heal the skin from within. The balm resembles melted butter in texture and colour although slightly viscous. It has a zesty aroma combined with jasmine, frankincense and may chang.It is not lumpy, greasy or sticky and it simply smoothly glides on the skin giving your legs and feet a hydrated glow. We suggest using this after the Clockface Beauty Foot & Leg Scrub for a calming and soothing double effect. Plus the balm is ideal for softening hard feet because of its excellent moisturising properties.  

Both the Scrub and the Balm are vegan, 100% and suitable for all skin types. NB: Both products state that they are not suitable for people who have a nut allergy. Foot & Leg Scrub is 120ml for £34.00 here and the Foot & Leg Balm is 120ml for £37.00 here.

Zephorium Soul Tonic - Vitamin A Holistic Crystal Skincare Collection

zephorium ameded temp.jpg

Isn’t there a motto that goes something like: “Happy mind, happy life”? At The Amazing Blog we believe that taking care of our minds is a priority, after all it’s our powerhouse, so if we have a healthy mind, we’ll have a healthy body. We’d like to introduce you a favourite brand Zephorium Soul Tonic with their holistic skincare. As regular readers will know, we’ve previously written about their Zephorium Aura Sprays and Body Oil these are very empowering and are matched to a specific chakra points with an uplifting affirmation.

Zephorium Soul Tonic is a natural beauty and lifestyle brand where their main ingredients help to promote energy, attraction and positivity. Every product is made with aromatherapy blends to not only to help heal your skin, but also your mind. Zephorium was established in 2012 by Sarah Cox who is well-known as a spiritual teacher. She created Zephorium because she was conscious that the stress, rush hour, and pressure of living in the city were burning her out. She decided to launch a range of products that were composed with natural ingredients, mantras and blended with aromatherapy techniques to help us cope with the hustle and bustle of the everyday life.

Zephorium has recently launched a new line of products that we absolutely love. Packaged in bright orange crystal bottles, The Vitamin A Holistic Crystal Skincare range all infused with Carnelian Crystal energy matches its packaging, ingredients and colour to its Sacral Chakra affirmation: “I unleash fun and creativity from within me now.” This range takes you through a 6-step journey for a beautiful skin. Blended with carrot and orange oil and infused with Carnelian Crystal energy, these blends are packed with vitamin A and are there to inspire a spark of joy and creativity within you. While the 6 products serve a different purpose, they are natural and suitable for all skin types.

Let’s begin with the Vitamin A Holistic Deep Cleanser. When we began to use this cleanser, we were impressed it’s gentle yet effective formula. Due to its richness in wild carrot oil (vitamin A), organic orange and palmarosa oils rich in other antioxidants, this cleanser has the power to restore and rejuvenate skin tissue.  Simply apply a little cleanser onto clean damp finger tips gently massaging into the face and then removing it with a cotton pad. We use it in the morning to kick start the day with a clean skin and at night to remove the pollutants, whilst mindfully repeating the mantra to also clear any negativity. Ideally, follow the cleanser by the Vitamin A Holistic Facial Toner by simply using a cotton pad to sweep the toner across your face. 100% organic alcohol-free and infused with key ingredients of organic orange flower water and homeopathic carnelian crystal which is said to bring joy, motivation and creativity into our lives. The toner is ideal for those with hectic schedules since it revitalises and refreshes tired skin by tightening the pores, giving it an anti-ageing effect. This was our favourite from the collection.

The third step of the skincare routine is the Vitamin A Deep Exfoliation Holistic Face Mask. We really like using this clay based mask because it has heavenly effects. This mask has two uses, either as a hard or soft mask. Either way, this mask completely removed our dead skin cells, encouraging collagen growth which helped to make our face look clearer and more radiant. If you want to use it as a hard mask, mix 1 teaspoon of powder with 1-2 teaspoons of warm water until it becomes a paste. Then just massage it onto your skin. As a person with sensitive skin, I recommend you leave it on only for 5 minutes. However, if you have normal or oily skin, they recommend leaving it for up to 20 minutes before washing off. However, if you want to use it as a soft mask, follow the same steps as above but instead of using water as a mixer, apply a body or face oil instead. In the same ratios as suggested for the water above.  Great economy too as with this 120g jar, you can enjoy up to 15 masks. For us that was about once a fortnight.

Onto the Fourth and final steps, these are with the Zephorium Vitamin A Holistic Face Serum , Intense Face Cream and Lip & Eye Cream.  The Face Serum is loaded with vitamins from the organic wild carrot, orange and Frankincense oils, this serum automatically balances and hydrates the skin to the individual needs. For optimal results, we recommend you apply it after the cleanser and the toner to ensure all the potent and nourishing properties are applied to properly cleansed skin in order penetrate the dermis. With only one or two drops you can be economical as  this will have both your face and neck covered. Gently massage it onto your skin and let it sit for about 5 minutes morning and night. Once the serum has been absorbed, we encourage you to then apply their Vitamin A Hydrate Holistic Face Cream and last but not least  their Vitamin A Intense Holistic Lip & Eye Cream both to seal in the effects of the serum. Both these two products contains organic shea and cocoa butter as well as multiple antioxidants which enhance skin rejuvenation and hydrate super delicate areas. To apply them, simply dab evenly the cream on your face (or around lip and eye area for this cream) using your fingertips and use it twice a day to achieve optimal results and witness its full effect. Best of all they are packaged in glass sacral chakra bottles with aluminium tops. No plastic, no cruelty, no waste. 100% recyclable.

Want to have a happy mind and healthy skin? Then boost and nourishing your skin, with this energising Vitamin A Holistic Crystal range here, prices starting at £18.50. However, don’t forget to keep repeating the Sacral Chakra affirmation when applying the products – we promise they’ll work wonders to help lower your stress levels and give you a peaceful mind.