Adnams Ghost Ship Crisps - Fairfields Farm Crisps

If you’re looking for crisps with a difference, we at The Amazing Blog think we’ve found them! Fairfields Farm Crisps has teamed up with local brewers Adnams to take the concept of a pint and crisps to the next level. Introducing the Adnams Ghost Ship crisps, a pale ale flavoured crisp that makes for a “hauntingly good snack”.

These crisps are definitely like nothing we’ve tasted before, they have a subtle malted barley flavour that pairs perfectly with a cold pint. We also think they’d be perfectly suited for dipping into a light tzatziki sauce, as the distinctive bitter beer flavor would be brightened with the refreshing qualities of yogurt and cucumbers.

Fairfields Farm has built its reputation on great tasting, quality crisps with local flavourings, and these Ghost Ship pale alecrisps don’t disappoint. Pick up a packet or two from a local deli or farm shop nationwide, or at an Adnams store.