Friday Favourites - Easter Treats and Events

Easter is one of our favourite times of year here at The Amazing Blog. It symbolises the start of spring, when we can shed our winter coats and make the most of sunnier weather. Not to mention all of the chocolate and cute paraphernalia that comes our way! This year, we’ve put together a list of our favourite things to eat and do in the capital, in the hope that we can inspire you all to have a fabulous Easter weekend.

We all know that Easter wouldn’t be complete with a tasty treat or two, and for us, there’s nothing more indulgent than the delectable chocolates from Demarquette. Artisan UK chocolatier Marc Demarquette loves to experiment with flavours, but is a traditionalist at heart, and that is reflected in everything he makes. Among his delicious Easter sweets are beautifully crafted chocolate quails eggs in the style of hot cross buns. These Easter delights come in three delectable flavours - Strawberry, Passion fruit and Salted Caramel - and they’re the perfect decadent treat if you’re looking to spoil someone this Easter. Shop all of their Easter chocolates here, or get the hot cross bun inspired chocolates pictured here for £12.

Speaking of sweet treats, there’s nothing like having chocolate for breakfast, an activity that’s only really acceptable on national holidays. Choc on Choc have thought of the perfect way to disguise your chocolate brekkie with their Chocolate Egg On Toast - a delicious white chocolate egg nestled on top of a milk chocolate slice of toast. A perfect treat for children and adults alike, you can even have a nibble on the cutlery when you’re done! Grab your most important meal of the day here for £12. They did always say that brown bread was the healthiest kind…

If you’re looking for a way to work off the Easter weight, the London Dungeons have put together an event that will scare the calories off. Their ‘Bad Eggs’ trail will run from the 5th to the 27th April, and will have visitors hunt for bad eggs, hidden in the shadows of the dungeons, before meeting the ‘Eggsecutioner’ for a lesson in torture. If that wasn’t enough for a creepy Easter, there’s also Death by Chocolate – a Victorian sweet shop in the bowels of the dungeon, where the confectioner is a notorious poisoner. With flavours like mustard and chilli to risk, you’ll never look at chocolate in the same way again. Book your tickets online for a guaranteed spot and savings, with tickets starting at £20.50 for adults and £16.50 for children.

Just a bunny hop away in High Street Kensington, you can celebrate Easter the way it’s supposed to be with a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. The luxurious Roof Gardens is owned by Virgin mogul Richard Branson, who will be hosting an exciting hunt for kids to take part in. One lucky attendee will win a deluxe egg courtesy of ChoccyWoccyDoodah. An event for children and adults alike, they will also offer an Easter tipple or two so that parents can relax while the kids play. The festivities kick off at 11:45am on Sunday 5th April, so head on down for an egg-stra special Easter. 

Friday Favourites - Easter Holidays

With Easter weekend finally upon us, most of us excited for the celebrations ahead! However, for those who have left things a little late, or even those who just want to try something a bit different this year, there’s still time to go out and grab some more Easter treats! We here at The Amazing Blog have found some Easter-themed gifts to help you impress your friends and loved ones during this Spring holiday.funny bunnyLush never fails to deliver quirky gift ideas for the holidays, and they certainly haven’t let us down this year with their creative selection of Easter cosmetics. This season, they are offering an array of ‘Egg-ceptional’ Easter themed handmade products, including bath melts and bubble bars in the shape of eggs and carrots! Made from fair trade and organic ingredients, Lush’s Easter cosmetics include a Golden Egg Bath Bomb, Bunny Bubble Bar, Carrot Soap, and Brightside Bubble Bar just to name a few. If, like us, you are struggling to choose from the wonderful selection of products on offer, Lush are also offering the Funny Bunny Rabitty Wrap – an organic cotton knot-wrap containing four of the most popular limited edition Easter cosmetics. Because the Easter Bunny is packaged by hand, the selection of goodies inside each wrap is different!  However, if a gift you are planning is one item short of complete, the holiday products are available to buy individually for very reasonable prices! Find the Egg-cellent collection here. 060413-STRAUSS CHOCOLATE ORANGE-EASTER 2 To add some chocolate with a twist to your Easter celebration, Demijohn has created a Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur.  This alcoholic chocolate is the adult version of a creamy dark Easter Egg, and the addition of Devonshire Cream, Apple Brandy and Orange Zest make this the perfect springtime tipple.  The thick and creamy liqueur would be a great option for those Easter family gatherings; something for adults to enjoy as the children tuck into their Easter treats.  Demijohn recommends serving the Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur directly from the refrigerator and over ice for the best taste. Be the life of the party this Easter and present your family and friends with a 500ml bottle of Demijohn Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur, available here for £24.60 (500ml). jlYou may have noticed our attempt to stray from the typical Easter gift, but who are we to keep your loved ones from indulging in chocolate this Easter?  Charbonnel et Walker offer a new twist to the traditional chocolate egg with their Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Easter Egg.  Combining their finest milk chocolate with their best selling Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, this treat is so much more luxurious than your typical Easter Egg.  Housed in a pastel coloured window box with a pink ribbon tied around it, this delicious Easter Egg would make the perfect gift any loved one. It can be purchased here for £35, along with a selection of other delicious chocolate creations, including a Dark Chocolate and English Rose Easter Egg.

B_ClockTower_001-PS1Feel like doing something different this Easter? Horniman Museum and Gardens, with their Easter Fair, could be the perfect option if you are looking for activities that are fun, yet educational. Take part in the Easter Egg Hunt, learn more about the rabbits that live in the Animal Walk and enjoy some live country music. If you fancy a bite, you can head towards the food stalls, where you will find a selection of tasty treats; whether you fancy pizza or some Austrian specialities, you will definitely find the perfect nibble to satisfy your taste buds. The Easter Fair takes place on Saturday and Sunday, from 10.30 am until 4.30 pm, and you can find the detailed program here . dark-chocolate-hand-painted-easter-bunny-911-pFinally, what would Easter be without an Easter Bunny? Demarquette offers beautifully hand painted Easter Rabbits in dark chocolate and milk chocolate to complete your traditional Easter gifts. The dark chocolate bunny is made from Demarquette’s award winning CacaoLux blend of chocolates from The Dominican Republic and Ecuador, while the milk chocolate bunny features chocolates from Venezuela and Madagascar. Each bunny is hand painted with bright spring colours, making it unique with it’s own colourful pattern. Demarquette Easter Rabbits are available here for only £5.50. Demarquette also has a lovely selection of chocolate bars and truffles if you are still craving sweets after the holiday is over!

Foodie Festive Finds Week

We thought we would start December off with 5 days of festive finds to get you in the Christmas spirit. Today is day one and what better way to start than with food. It’s December, which means it’s nearly Christmas, which also means it’s time… It’s time to stuff our faces with everything and anything edible and bad for us in sight. Here at The Amazing Blog, we are very considerate of our readers so forced ourselves to test out flavoured marshmallows, creative chocolates, and biscuits, just for you. Ok, I’m lying, we very much enjoyed trying out all these wonderful treats and have found a bunch of great foods that you should definitely have around this Christmas. It’s fine because calories don’t count during the Christmas holidays, do they? new marshmallowist

The Marshmallowists are challenging our traditional views of marshmallows as in the past they haven’t had a reputation for being full of flavour. However, that is soon to change as The Marshmallowists have flavours like Turkey and Cranberry, Christmas Pudding and Mulled Wine. These Christmas inspired ingredients are probably more appealing to the adult population, I know when I was little I wouldn’t have been brave enough to try them.  At first glance they may look a little strange but they really aren’t. They are interesting which is something a lot of people tend to look for with food because we are always able to eat the same old flavours, so why not mix it up a little? You can enjoy them by the fire on a cold, wintery evening and team them with a hot drink. They have plenty of flavours if these Christmassy ones don’t look too appetising to you, and you can browse them here. They are £6 for a box and certainly worth a try. They would be a great, quirky little gift to intrigue your friends and family this year as they are interesting and great for sharing.

Kingdom new

Chocolate is the one thing most of us can’t say no to this month. There are temptations everywhere. Advent calendars in the kitchen to make us think of chocolate as soon as we wake up and gifts at work, there's no escape. We might as well give in and enjoy some of the tastiest chocolate around and Kingdom has a flavoursome collection of melt in the mouth chocolate for you to get your teeth into. Try and have a read of these delectable flavours without getting chocolate cravings, there is Double Choc Dark Mousse, Dark Chocolate & Orange with a Marmalade Centre, Milk Choc & Cappuccino, Milk Choc & Peanut Butter Centre, Dark Choc with Lemon & Lime and then the Milk Choc Rhubarb & Vanilla Centre. We genuinely took no longer than a day to demolish the lot in the office. The inviting and unique flavours made it so difficult to decide which to open first, so obviously we concluded that the fairest thing to do was open them all at once. We just won’t step on the weighing scales for a while…  They are all delicious, definitely a stocking filler that won’t disappoint. They are available in store or online at, you can even find them on Amazon.

l-white-snowmen montezumaIf white chocolate is more your thing then don’t worry, we have found something for you as well.  The Montezuma White Chocolate Snowmen are packaged in a sweet little box which would look great as a stocking gift or under the tree to add a little extra excitement for Christmas morning. These Snowmen are delicious and the perfect size to nibble at throughout the holidays without making yourself sick. With these there are the Montezuma White Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls, yes, they do exist and yes they are as incredible as they sound. You may have noticed I am very fond of peanut butter chocolate, but it’s not just me, we all are, so they are bound to be popular with your family. They are described as ‘milk chocolate salted peanut butter truffle wrapped in a white chocolate shell’, that’s all I need to say… If you want to trick your subconscious into thinking that you’re having a healthy Christmas then try the Montezuma Christmas Mixed Fruitswhich are filled with flavour. We found them so tasty that they soon became the ultimate procrastination food in the office, with lots of ‘oh what flavour have you got there?’ and ‘That sounds nice, maybe I’ll try one’. You can find their prices and lots of other tasty things here.

Christmastreebox newOur last chocolate favourites are from Demarquette and we are very excited to introduce you to their festive collection this year as they never disappoint. The festive chocolates are plentiful and there’s no shortage of mouth-watering selection boxes to share around the house or buy as gifts for friends and family. They are packaged beautifully and with care so again they would be great presents. One of my personal favourites is the Chocolate Christmas Tree Gift Set, for £25 you can purchase this chocolaty and colourful treat. It comes with a chocolate tree and flavoured caramel baubles. To make this even more of a pleasant experience, some of the baubles are Cornish Sea Salt Caramel which is a scrumptious addition to the flavour.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe East India Company is the perfect 'go to' this Christmas if your looking for entertainment snacks. If we aren’t spoiling our taste buds rotten with chocolate then you will find us munching on biscuits elsewhere. Biscuits are great to have around in December as you never know who will be popping round to wish you a merry one. These can be to nibble on in the evening after a gigantic roast, or to have as party treats for all to enjoy.  Interesting biscuits are bound to be a crowd pleaser and the East India Company has some really brilliant flavours. The Cherry, Choc Chip & Chilli flavour is delicious, an infusion of exciting seasonings will no doubt impress your guests. Similarly with the Sea Salt & Caramel, which we absolutely devoured. Last but not least, something to satisfy our British food cravings is the English Stilton Cheese filled biscuits. Cheese and biscuits come out every Christmas, and these have to be in the mix, they are delightfully creamy and bursting with flavour. There are dozens of different biscuits, each as stimulating for our taste buds as the next. Take a look on their website where you can purchase them also, prices starting from £4.95. They all have a huge range of other delicious products so take a look.

Cotsworld cupcake kitFinally we have something a little different, still on the topic of food but not edible itself. For £10 you can get hold of this Meri Meri Jingle All The Way Cupcake Kit from Cotswold Trading. This is a very sweet little kit, ideal for the little ones (and adults as I’m definitely getting one of these) this Christmas. It comes with cupcake holders, and Christmassy decorations filled with glitter and fun. Just seeing the box has made my excitement for this festive month step up a notch. I love cupcakes and decorations, it’s the perfect combination. It is just the kit, so no ingredients involved, but that means you can pick whichever cupcakes are a success in your household and decorate those. They look great on a cupcake tower in the kitchen, even if they are only there for 5 minutes before being devoured. It’s time to put on some Christmas music, get the kids in the kitchen and get creative.

 Tomorrow we will have some presents to treat your four-legged friends this Christmas.

An Easter-Egg Bonanza!

As Easter fast approaches, the mouths of the crew at The Amazing Blog are beginning to water. Ever since Ash Wednesday, a long and laborious six weeks ago, not a sniff of chocolate has passed our lips. And so, with less than a week to go and wanting to keep our readers up-to-date in terms of the crème de la crème of chocolate indulgences this Easter, we decided to break our fast early so we could try the chocolate we've been eyeing greedily for weeks. And if, like us, you’re planning a chocolate blow out on Easter Sunday, check out the most decadent of chocolate treats below… First up is the Indian-inspired Easter Egg from the wonderful peeps at Devnaa. With sumptuous purple wrapping and a decadent gold bow, it looks every bit as good as it tastes. The chocolate shell is infused with their signature chai blend - cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger; an unusual combination, but one that works oh-so-well. And as well as the aromatic egg is a selection of mouth-watering white-chocolate saffron caramels, coconut and cardamom dark chocolates and chai milk chocolates, thus it’s the perfect Easter Egg for anyone wanting an exotic fusion of flavours! The egg is handmade in London and you can buy it here.

And for those who follow The Amazing Blog, you'll already know that one of our favourite chocolatiers in London is the deliciously decadent Demarquette. This Easter they've created a Marine-inspired Easter collection that includes brightly coloured seashell-encrusted giant Easter eggs and chocolate egg-filled iridescent clams. With such a fab range on offer it was no mean feat choosing our fave, but the Oceanic Reef Egg certainly deserves a mention. The Super Chocolate Easter Egg is 20cm high and entirely edible. Made using the unique Demarquette Pure Blend of single origin smooth chocolate, a colonnade of six hand painted seahorses filled with sweet caramel supports the top half of the egg. A delicate coating of coral orange coloured white chocolate velvet adds a unique, luxurious texture making this the finest of all chocolate eggs. All of Demarquette's offerings are lovingly hand-made by founder Marc and his team in London with great tasting and ethically sourced pure chocolate. Available from their fabulous Fulham Road shop or online

For anyone after an Easter treat infused with some serious fun, Artisan du Chocolat have got the perfect egg. Inspired by the 70s song 'Daddy Cool' by Boney M and the childhood classic Mr Potatohead, their Bunny Cool Eggs add a bit of humour into the Easter spirit. Filled with Artisan du Chocolat's signature salted caramel honeycomb and with edible eyes nose and trainers, it's the ideal egg for anyone wanting to add some quirkiness to their Easter Day spread. The Bunny Cool egg, along with other yummy Easter treats are available both in-store and online.

Fortnum & Mason, Picadilly's brilliantly British department store have once again come up trumps with their Easter offering. Their Decorated Milk Chocolate Egg is a classic egg made by their in-house chocolatiers, who use expertly tempered milk chocolate to ensure a flawless shine. The decorations are made and applied by hand and the egg is filled with a selection of handmade chocolate shapes. Presented in a beautiful blue box with a contrasting grey ribbon, the Fortnum & Mason egg is as elegant as the shop, available both online and in-store.

Last, but by no means least, is Sussex-based Montezuma's fabulous Organic Free-Range Eco Egg. Founded in 2000 by ex-lawyers Helen and Simon Pattison, Montezuma is a family-run business who have rapidly built a reputation for producing some of the finest and most innovative chocolate in the UK. And as well as producing the most delicous of chocolates, Montezuma have also been singled out as a shining example of environmentally friendly eggs. It came top of the list of 11 eggs for the least amount of packaging and recyclability; so if you treat yourself to one of their eggs, you can be sure you're also doing your bit for the environment! Available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and milk chocolate and butterscotch, they're available online and from selected independent stockists.

And so, with just six days left until Easter itself, whether you're after something special for a loved one, or simply spoiling yourself - enjoy some of the finest chocolate the UK has on offer and have a very happy Easter!