Halloween Feature

Now that Halloween is right around the corner, we at The Amazing Blog are feeling particularly festive and ready to celebrate. What better way to celebrate one of our favourite holidays than with a carefully constructed goodie bag full of spooky treats? Once we came across companies such as LUSH, Choc on Choc, SockShop and Chamilia, we now believe we’ve found the perfect products to make your holiday that much better.

First and foremost, you will need a splendid outfit for the big night. Whether you already have a costume or you are seeking the perfect accessory to top off your spooky get-up, the fashion brand SockShop has launched a new collection of Halloween inspired tights, perfect for any creepy crawly occasion. This collection consists of tights that are far from your average pair, for they are both extra smooth and pleasantly comfortable. Created out of 90% polyamide, 10% spandex and a comfy waistband—these special stockings will give you the ability to boogie down all night! The collection includes tights with a variety of creepy creatures on them, ranging as far as Black Cats to pumpkin patterns. Take a look at the Sock Shop website for the Halloween tights and other fun undergarments.

If you are looking to add a little glam to your accessory assortment, take a different approach and spice up your costume with some jewellery. In attempt to find the perfect jewels for our glamorous get-ups, we stumbled upon the Chamilia 2014 Halloween collection. Thanks to this company, our accessory anxiety has finally come to an end. The greatest thing about the Chamilia charm bracelets is that you are not obligated to wear the same jewellery everyday. If you are feeling spontaneous, you can purchase a variety of charms and switch up your look as much as you'd like. Feeling fierce? Try the Halloween Cat Eyes charm. Eager for a spookier addition to your arm party? Take the Skull Beads up for a spin. Or, if you are having trouble deciding which beads to choose, you can wear them all. The Chamilia Halloween collection includes Halloween inspired jewels of all kinds, are all available for purchase here.

Now that you have gotten all of your accessories straightened out, who doesn’t love a good treat every once and a while? Choc on Choc Halloween bars are passionate about providing a chocolate that is intricately designed, pleasing to the eye and simply delicious. This sweet snack is made from only the finest Belgian chocolate and prepared by layering chocolate on top of chocolate, making it truly unique and guaranteed to please even the pickiest trick-or-treaters. Take a look at the variety of spooky sweets this brand has to offer here



Finally, after a big night of trick-or-treating and getting all dressed up for this splendid holiday, it is only assumed that a long soak will be much needed by the end of the weekend. Thanks to the new LUSH Halloween collection, you can indulge in a relaxing past time while staying in the holiday spirit. Who would have thought that was even possible?

The collection contains an exciting list of bath bombs, which come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Looking to add sparkle, fizz and a little extra colour to the water of your bath? Try either the Northern Light, Sparkler, or Lord of Misrule bath bombs. Each of these bombs results in a unique fizzing effect or change in bath water colour that will simply leave you in awe. If you prefer the presentation of the bomb over the effect, LUSH has you covered with a collection of bubble bars which are shaped like some of your favourite Halloween characters. This collection includes Pumpkin, Wizard and Fairy Ring bubble bars that not only add character to your bath but are simply delightful to look at. Having trouble deciding which to include for your Halloween gift exchanges? Not to worry, LUSH offers a clever Wizard Hat Gift, containing the Wizard Bubble Bar, Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt and Sparkler bath bomb. Take a look at the Halloween bath bombs along with other LUSH bath products for a variety of prices here.

Friday Favourites - Easter Holidays

With Easter weekend finally upon us, most of us excited for the celebrations ahead! However, for those who have left things a little late, or even those who just want to try something a bit different this year, there’s still time to go out and grab some more Easter treats! We here at The Amazing Blog have found some Easter-themed gifts to help you impress your friends and loved ones during this Spring holiday.funny bunnyLush never fails to deliver quirky gift ideas for the holidays, and they certainly haven’t let us down this year with their creative selection of Easter cosmetics. This season, they are offering an array of ‘Egg-ceptional’ Easter themed handmade products, including bath melts and bubble bars in the shape of eggs and carrots! Made from fair trade and organic ingredients, Lush’s Easter cosmetics include a Golden Egg Bath Bomb, Bunny Bubble Bar, Carrot Soap, and Brightside Bubble Bar just to name a few. If, like us, you are struggling to choose from the wonderful selection of products on offer, Lush are also offering the Funny Bunny Rabitty Wrap – an organic cotton knot-wrap containing four of the most popular limited edition Easter cosmetics. Because the Easter Bunny is packaged by hand, the selection of goodies inside each wrap is different!  However, if a gift you are planning is one item short of complete, the holiday products are available to buy individually for very reasonable prices! Find the Egg-cellent collection here. 060413-STRAUSS CHOCOLATE ORANGE-EASTER 2 To add some chocolate with a twist to your Easter celebration, Demijohn has created a Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur.  This alcoholic chocolate is the adult version of a creamy dark Easter Egg, and the addition of Devonshire Cream, Apple Brandy and Orange Zest make this the perfect springtime tipple.  The thick and creamy liqueur would be a great option for those Easter family gatherings; something for adults to enjoy as the children tuck into their Easter treats.  Demijohn recommends serving the Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur directly from the refrigerator and over ice for the best taste. Be the life of the party this Easter and present your family and friends with a 500ml bottle of Demijohn Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur, available here for £24.60 (500ml). jlYou may have noticed our attempt to stray from the typical Easter gift, but who are we to keep your loved ones from indulging in chocolate this Easter?  Charbonnel et Walker offer a new twist to the traditional chocolate egg with their Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Easter Egg.  Combining their finest milk chocolate with their best selling Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, this treat is so much more luxurious than your typical Easter Egg.  Housed in a pastel coloured window box with a pink ribbon tied around it, this delicious Easter Egg would make the perfect gift any loved one. It can be purchased here for £35, along with a selection of other delicious chocolate creations, including a Dark Chocolate and English Rose Easter Egg.

B_ClockTower_001-PS1Feel like doing something different this Easter? Horniman Museum and Gardens, with their Easter Fair, could be the perfect option if you are looking for activities that are fun, yet educational. Take part in the Easter Egg Hunt, learn more about the rabbits that live in the Animal Walk and enjoy some live country music. If you fancy a bite, you can head towards the food stalls, where you will find a selection of tasty treats; whether you fancy pizza or some Austrian specialities, you will definitely find the perfect nibble to satisfy your taste buds. The Easter Fair takes place on Saturday and Sunday, from 10.30 am until 4.30 pm, and you can find the detailed program here . dark-chocolate-hand-painted-easter-bunny-911-pFinally, what would Easter be without an Easter Bunny? Demarquette offers beautifully hand painted Easter Rabbits in dark chocolate and milk chocolate to complete your traditional Easter gifts. The dark chocolate bunny is made from Demarquette’s award winning CacaoLux blend of chocolates from The Dominican Republic and Ecuador, while the milk chocolate bunny features chocolates from Venezuela and Madagascar. Each bunny is hand painted with bright spring colours, making it unique with it’s own colourful pattern. Demarquette Easter Rabbits are available here for only £5.50. Demarquette also has a lovely selection of chocolate bars and truffles if you are still craving sweets after the holiday is over!

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable activities of the summer, and with our 'Olympic' inspired two weeks of blog posts, we've been searching for useful items for all of you sporty peeps. At The Amazing Blog we love a good holiday - getting tanned, eating delicious food and totally chilling.  So if you are off  to catch the sunshine in climes afar, but nervous about swimming due to being nearsighted, then this is something that we've found for you. Affordable  Prescription Swimming Goggles  ...perfect!

The founder of the web James Sutton is an optician and keen swimmer and he noticed that most opticians only stocked one brand of prescription swimming goggles - so he created Prescription Swimming Goggles six years ago. Nowadays, Prescription Swimming Goggles is the highest ranking dedicated website for prescription swimming goggles and was listed in The Daily Telegraph's top ten websites for swimming. The website stocks over 30 different goggles including children's, both off the shelf and custom made for more complicated prescriptions. We at The Amazing Blog can't recommend Prescription Swimming Glasses highly enough as it's a definite solution for those with sight problems. If you wish to purchase a pair, visit their website - prices range from a very reasonable £17.