La Culture Face Mask & Scrub and La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser - Gallinée

At the Amazing Blog, we are true believers it’s important to look after your skin so when the brand Gallinée arrived in our office we was excited to share with you  the face mask & scrub and the foaming facial cleanser.  We all want to age beautifully that’s why we recommend having a daily skincare routine. 

Gallinée La Culture face mask & scrub is a combination of soft kaolin white clay of sea minerals and antioxidant vitamin E all in one product. We recommend you using this product once or twice a week to see the best results by gently applying to your face and massaging into the skin so it exfoliates all the unwanted bacteria. Leave the product to work its magic and rinse after five minutes with warm water and then dry the face. After using this scrub your skin will be visibly look fresher and healthier as the scrub provides the ingredients your skin may have been lacking and gives it instant radiance boost

Gallinée La Culture foaming facial cleanser is a cleanser suitable to use daily in the morning to cleanse your face and to remove any bad bacteria by feeding your skin with the good bacteria it needs.  The cleanser is to help protect and smooth your skin it comes in a creamy and fine formula that is light and leaves you with a nice experience after applying the product and rinsing it off. Your skin is left feeling rebooted and has a brighter complexion but your skin is not left feeling dry. This product was an editor’s choice and was recommend by the beauty shortlisted awards in 2016 it is highly adored.

Give your skin the love and care it needs by using the Galinée skincare the face scrub here is £18.00 and the cleanser here is for £14.00.