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Tigg's Sauces - perfect match

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The Amazing Blog is all about bringing flavour back into people’s lives and in our humble opinion, a sure fire way to do this is to have Tiggs Sauces stocked in your cupboard. Winners of the The Great Taste Awards three years in a row, these sauces pack a powerful flavour punch and guarantee to liven up any meal.

Tiggs produce naturally colourful sauces that have incredibly versatile uses. They work excellently on salad, pizza, pasta, as a condiment or a marinade. The brand prides themselves on creating healthier and flavoursome alternatives to bring some excitement back to dinner time. They have five flavours available; Sweet Original, Bold Beetroot, Cool basil and Pea, Subtle Pepper and Mustard and Smokin’ Tomato and Chilli. Each flavour is delicious so it’s really hard to pick a favourite but we do love Cool Basil and Pea which perfectly balances both flavours. The sauce goes so well with salad or pasta meaning we could easily have it for lunch and dinner on the same day – which we certainly have done! You can purchase the sauces here from £4.50


Well, November has arrived and with it just eight Monday mornings remain until Christmas. Festive jingles sing loudly on the radio, shop shelves are awash with stocking fillers and supermarket isles are stocked high with tantalising treats, all promising to ensure that this very Christmas will be the best one yet. While a pleasant thought that may be, it also means that the social season is fast approaching, and with it is the age-old dilemma of hosting a fabulous festive feast.

And while cocktail sausages and sticks of cheddar and pineapple were all the rage many decades ago, the pressure is on these days to serve up a spread fit for a King. Thankfully, the gang at The Amazing Blog have been on the hunt for discerning foodies who want to add a bit of decadence to their do.

Recently launched, FOODHQ is a new online retailer specialising in restaurant-quality ingredients sourced from select artisan producers in Italy, France, Greece and Spain. The first of its kind, FOODHQ is on-hand to offer food-lovers nationwide gourmet products previously only available to restaurants and the high-end catering trade.

With a portfolio of over 300 specialist products including some of the World’s finest extra-virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, olives, risotto rice, pasta and other premium Mediterranean ingredients. The company are the sole importers for a number of exclusive boutique products, with over 30 being awarded ‘Great Taste’ award winning medals.

The products span a spectrum of different flavours and textures from the richly flavoured J Leblanc walnut, pistachio and pine nut oils to the punchy peppery, thick unfiltered Barbera olive oils to the bright zingy red pepper and mango vinegars from Belberry in Belgium and the ultra-premium (and stunningly packaged!) Il Borgo balsamic vinegars from the Emilia region in Italy... there’s a whole host of culinary delights that will get passionate foodies itching to stock up their larders and start drizzling, infusing, marinating and finishing dishes with these beautiful artisan products.

So, whether you want to add a touch of je ne sais quoi to a festive dinner party, or are searching for a special something to give the foodie in your life, be sure to check out the fabulous FOODHQ!