Tigg's Sauces - perfect match

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The Amazing Blog is all about bringing flavour back into people’s lives and in our humble opinion, a sure fire way to do this is to have Tiggs Sauces stocked in your cupboard. Winners of the The Great Taste Awards three years in a row, these sauces pack a powerful flavour punch and guarantee to liven up any meal.

Tiggs produce naturally colourful sauces that have incredibly versatile uses. They work excellently on salad, pizza, pasta, as a condiment or a marinade. The brand prides themselves on creating healthier and flavoursome alternatives to bring some excitement back to dinner time. They have five flavours available; Sweet Original, Bold Beetroot, Cool basil and Pea, Subtle Pepper and Mustard and Smokin’ Tomato and Chilli. Each flavour is delicious so it’s really hard to pick a favourite but we do love Cool Basil and Pea which perfectly balances both flavours. The sauce goes so well with salad or pasta meaning we could easily have it for lunch and dinner on the same day – which we certainly have done! You can purchase the sauces here from £4.50