Green living

My Tiger Bag


When it comes to bags for life – y’know, those canvas or heavy duty plastic affairs, readily available at check out points in supermarkets, one rarely thinks of such accessories as the height of chic. They’re there to serve a purpose – and a worthwhile one at that – but certainly don’t win any brownie points in the world of fashion.

So hoping to do my bit for the environment without wanting to make a sacrifice in the style stakes, I was delighted when I came across My Tiger Bag – an online retailer selling a beautiful, reusable bag with extra kudos for its tiger design and stylish metallic finish.

They come in four colours – blue, bronze, gold and pink – and as well as using material that comes from recycled plastic bottles, a donation of fifty-pence from the sale of each bag is made to the WWF Save The Tiger Fund.

Combining green living and fashion with a charity donation makes the My Tiger Bag a real must have for anyone with a conscience - for this season and beyond. Get yours before they become extinct - and at just £5 a pop, they’re in danger of doing so very soon!