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Nordic Berry Bliss Hand and Body Salve

The Amazing Blog staff is always enthusiastic about the opportunity to get our hands on a special beauty product. We were just thrilled when we heard that Inner-Soul Organics was offering an exclusive promotion of their Nordic Berry Bliss Hand and Body Salve, and we believe everyone should know about it. 

Nordic Berry Bliss Hand and Body Salve is an exciting new addition to the Inner-Soul Organics’ Nordic Collection. The product is a soft, easy-to-use hydration cream that is created using botanical extracts native to the Scandinavian and Nordic countries.

The product contains a colourful list of Scandinavian ingredients, including Norwegian Blueberry and Raspberry Seed and Arctic Cranberry extracts that are sure to secure nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin. The product is rich in Vitamins A, C and E and Omegas 3 and 6. The fresh and floral fragrance of soft Pine and High Altitude Lavender will leave a splendid scent on your skin and strengthen your mind. 

The Salve can be purchased individually for £25.50 or as part of the Nordic Luxe Deep Moisture Gift box for £45.50. This offer only runs from November 4th until January 1st, so hurry up and get online to make a purchase at the Nordic Luxe website

Inner Soul Organics

blog image When The Amazing Blog girls came across Inner Soul Organics about 6 months ago, we were impressed by the Romance Me Oil and admired the enthusiasm that went into the product and brand through its creator Emma Coleman. Our previous post can be read here so take a look, a great present this Christmas. We were then excited to try out Emma’s Bespoke Facial Oil because of its unique tailoring to your individual skin type, making sure it’s the most beneficial product it can be for you. The brand values match up to the wonderful product as they also donate £1 to the Katie Piper Foundation.

Emma Coleman has devoted her passion for aromatherapy and essential oils to formulating a beautiful selection of bespoke oils designed just for you. Everything about the brand is natural and organic. The products are packed with vitamins specifically chosen to repair and moisturise your skin. Made in London, this oil uses the finest flower and fruit extracts to target imperfections of individual skin tones. So for example, I have oily skin, so would go to Emma where she will analyse my skin and then prepare a product ideal for me and everything that causes blemishes or breakouts. There are so many skincare products out there, but there are also many different types of skin which means most products are never exactly right for you. This method is far more accurate and likely to really have positive effect on your face.  Emma has designed bespoke oils to help tackle excess oil, Eczema, dry skin, stressed skin, flaky scalp, acne and acne scarring. You can fill in a questionnaire about your skin online and Emma will use this information and make your oil before dispatching it out to you. The price for the advice and tailored oil is £95. This might seem expensive but for what you get it’s actually a brilliant offer. The service and product is similarly priced to a facial at a spa, which only lasts an hour or so. You can keep this bottle with you as long as possible because the product amount you need is minimal.

We really do admire this brand and the beautiful smells and diversity in oils Emma can produce. The fruits and flower scents blended creates an array of smells which resemble all the great smells we find in the British countryside. If you would like to get advice on your skin and an oil made just for you then visit the website here.


Inner-Soul Organics Romance Me Oil

Inner Soul Blog Image It is no secret that we love using body oils here at The Amazing Blog. Oils are very moisturising and nourishing in a way that lotions just cannot compete with. Whenever we find out about new oil products that look exciting, everyone scrambles to be the first one in the office to try it. We recently heard about a company called Inner-Soul Organics, whose founder is deeply knowledgeable about the power of oils and aromatherapy, and so we were excited to try out the Romance Me Oil.

Emma Coleman, the founder of Inner-Soul Organics believes that it is very important for our mind and soul to be connected with our outer bodies, which can be done through the use of aromatherapy and essential oils. All of Inner-Soul’s products have natural and organic ingredients like Omega Oils and Vitamins A, D, and E. The Romance Me skin oil is a blend from the Mind Body Soul range and is perfect for use at night and after a shower or bath.

It has Jojoba, Sesame, and Sweet Almond Oil to promote cell turnover and help with elasticity. Jasmine and Absolute Rose essential oils help to reduce skin imperfections and relax the mind and senses into a tranquil state. You will want to apply this on towel died skin, and pay special attention to areas with blemishes or scars. Because the ingredients are 100% natural, it absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn’t leave any unpleasant textures. This is perfect for after a bath or shower, to calm the skin, and is great to use before bedtime, as the aroma is very relaxing. This is sure to become a staple product in your routine, and of course, one of your favourite oils.

To find out more about the Inner-Soul Organics Romance Me Oil, visit the website. The oil retails at £35.00 and can be teamed perfectly with other items in the Inner-Soul range. They have been very generous, and are giving all you lovely readers a 20% discount on Inner-Soul Organics products if you use the code AMAZING20 at the checkout.