Nunaïa's Nourishing Radiance Serum

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Spring has sprung, and the year seems to be flying by! This provoked a question in the office, how often do we take the time to switch off completely? It seems we do so very infrequently at The Amazing Blog, a revelation that has pushed us to think more consciously about including wellbeing rituals into our daily routines. When Nunaïa introduced their brand to us, we quickly realised it was the perfect way to do so with our skincare. Sharing our concerns for living in the fast lane, founder Nicola Connolly has created a brand focused on ritual, wellbeing and health – so you can imagine that we were eager to try their philosophy for ourselves. Not only that, but this seedling company are truly a great discovery, as they were recently awarded ‘winners’ in the category of The Best Facial Oil for Dry Skin in the prestigious 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Nicola believes that there are means and ways of bringing greater meaning and balance. Through travels to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuadorian Amazon and Andes Mountains of Peru, she discovered a unique and balanced way of life; one in which nature, wisdom of the land and oneself could live harmoniously. More simply, she realised that her work/life balance was somewhat out of sync, driving her goal to create a skincare brand that would bring intention and meaning into people’s lives (and glowing skin as a result of this). This is where Nunaïa was born – providing raw, living and superfood products from ‘Soil to Skin’.

We couldn’t wait to try their star product: Nourishing Radiance Serum; a vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested serum, containing top-notch ingredients. These include sacha inchi, maracuja, chia and avocado – rich in essential plant actives and sourced uniquely from both the Peruvian Rainforest and Andes Mountains. We particularly love the texture of this oil; it has a perfect juxtaposition of a rich oil with a non-greasy finish, helping to soothe redness and inflammation simultaneously. Thanks to the use of vitamins A, B, C and E, our skin felt smoother and nourished after use, and if that’s not enough, the concoction of ingredients also protects against pollution, and both UV and blue lights. The packaging is also eye-catching, the serum itself is in a delicate glass bottle, encased in a mint green box. Nicole has thought of everything!

To use this oil, we recommend using every night after cleansing. If you have dry skin (or are taking the time to pamper yourself one weekend morning) then it is also a treat for a dehydrated complexion. You can purchase Nunaïa's bottle of goodness for 79 Euros Here. Enjoy!

Cura Oil – Infinatura

Here at The Amazing Blog, we recognize true luxury when we see it. When we opened a box and saw the stunning iridescent packaging of the Infinatura Cura Oil, we knew we were in for a treat.

This product relies on nature’s own ability to heal the skin, hair, and nails. A fusion of 8 natural oils, the Cura Oil is the perfect way to pamper yourself after a stressful day. The hand-selected blend of Sunflower, Bergamot, Geranium, Red Mandarin, Vitamin E, Camellia, Argan, Soya Wax, and Crambe abyssinica oils works to prevent aging, relieve common skin conditions, and nourish the skin, hair, and nails. The multi-purpose product is a great addition to any beauty cabinet, and will improve your sense of wellbeing.

Purchase it in select salons nationwide or here for £35. 

Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil and Lip Salves

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For those of you who are loyal readers of The Amazing Blog, you would have come across the Balance Me brand before as it has featured before here. This week we have a Lip Salve to care for your lips during the winter, as well as the Rose Otto Face Oil.

The Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil is a new addition to the range and is a great product to work into your skincare routine if you’re looking to calm and protect your skin. There is no age suggestion for this product as it helps to replenish all types of skin, even the most sensitive of types. The formula is delicate, making it highly beneficial if you have sensitive skin and tend to get irritation using other more harsh products. The smoothing ingredients in the Rose Otto Oil is a special blend of pressed oils, all natural and chosen to target imperfections which develop because of having sensitive skin. The blend of oils including olive squaline, olive pomace and abysinnian oil, help to create a glossy texture which feels luxurious on the skin and intensely nourishes and heals problem patches on the face. I get blemishes on my face, and these are particularly visible in the winter, the Rose Otto Oil has calming properties to reduce the redness and even out the skin tone so any blemishes are less noticeable. Another thing I really like about the product is the rose scent which makes it much more appealing when you’re applying it. I have experienced less inviting smells with lots of oils before but have not found one I am comfortable using because there is often that lingering chemical smell.

We have also been trying out the Balance Me tinted ‘shine on’ lip salves. They appear to be like a lip gloss, but with more healing properties and less sticky. These are 100% natural and really great little lip salves to have in your handbag for a quick glamorous touch up when your lips begin to dry out. They are really glossy and have some noticeable colour once applied. Each colour is elegant and would work perfectly for daytime wear in the office without being too overbearing. The light formula means that you aren’t constantly aware that it’s sitting on your lips, which a lot of cheaper lip salves and glosses do. The salves are 100% natural and packed with organic lip-quenching nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins. The gloss gives the illusion that your lips are more plump than usual, so it works well as a flirty make-up addition if you’re going on a date! My favourite thing about this product is the softness and how it's not sticky at all. That has always been an annoyance for me, when you spend money on a nice lip gloss but it still manages to go gloopey, stick your lips together or get on your teeth. The Balance Me lip salves steer clear of that issue so pucker up and add one of these to your handbag.

You can purchase the oil for £32 for 30ml on their website here and you can buy the new 10ml lip salves with the perfect shine for £12 here. These are both neat little products which wont disappoint and should definitely be considered.



Arabelle Skin Sense

arabelle blog photo During these unusually wet winter months we at The Amazing Blog are always on the lookout for the next moisturising product to add into our skincare routine. In October last year at The Supply & Buy Show we have found a brand that seems to have ticked all our boxes - it is the rather fabulous Arabelle Skin Sense. Our two favourite products from this range are the Cardamom Noir Body Crème and the Blissfully Sensual Body Oil.  These both smell divine and we particularly like the way they are easily absorbed and make our skin stay hydrated for hours. They’re made from all natural ingredients and also come in two different sizes, a 300ml and a 20ml, so if you get addicted to using them (like we have) then they are the perfect sizes to keep one at home and one in the handbag. What more could you want?

The Blissfully Sensual Body Oil can be thought of as liquid silk; as it hydrates, moisturises and leaves skin feeling dewy and pampered. It has a great texture and can even be described as therapeutic when applying, especially after a hot bath or before bed. Applying before bed also ensures that you can wake up with silky smooth replenished skin. This is a big plus in our book, as during these cold winter months skin can often be quite dry and problematic. The essential oil blends in this oil are Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang ylang and many more. This combination will help to relieve tired skin and also promoting feelings of euphoria. The rich texture and smell are just so a perfect to help aid relaxation and really spoil your skin.

Like the oil, the Cardamom Noir Body Crème is a luxurious whipped product that leaves skin feeling pampered and silky smooth. It moisturises and hydrates without being greasy. Again it's great product to massage into the skin when wanting to unwind and relax those tense muscles. With all natural ingredients, including cocoa butter and shea butter which are both renowned for their moisturising and healing properties.  The other interesting ingredient is cinnamic acid, which can help protect the skin from UV rays. In addition, the Cardamom Noir Body Crème contains a number of essential oils, so provides the skin with a number of vitamins while also providing a protective layer, helping to retain moisture. If this doesn’t sound good enough, the hard coconut butter is not only excellent for dry and flaky skin, but also good for wrinkled, sagging & aging skin due to its emollient and powerful antioxidant properties. We particularly love the smell of it's spicy, sexy and woody fragrance - it's warming, comforting and deliciously aromatic.

Both the Blissfully Sensual Body Oil and the Cardamom Noir Body Crème come in glass tubs, meaning they look elegant and sophisticated and complement any glamorous bathroom. The oil is priced at £18.50 for 200ml and £5.95 for 30ml, while the crème is £22.50 for 200ml and £6.95 for 30ml, but you definitely get what you pay for. These products really are the epitome of pampering for your skin and can be purchased here.




Sobe Rice Bran and Mandarin Body Moisturising Pure Oil

sobepure BLOG imageDespite a lot of attention over the last few years, oils are by no means a new product in the beauty industry. In fact, they’ve been around for centuries and there are hundreds of varieties to meet every skin and haircare need. But lately more people are returning to the traditional beauty ingredients and using oils in their skincare routine. With essential oils having such great benefits for the skin and body, we at The Amazing Blog,  are always on the lookout for any fantastic products that contain essential oils. So in our plight to find the perfect beauty oils, we have been testing out Sobe Pure Oil. Sobe is a new beauty project by You Can Group, inspired by oriental philosophy, working with food elements from the deep-rooted Japanese tradition. They believe in the concept of food nourishing both your body and skin and therefore created a series of natural cosmetics made from effective recipes of essential oils and natural ingredients.

We had the pleasure to try out their Rice Bran and Mandarin Body Moisturising Pure Oil, an oil packed with antioxidants with hydrating and smoothing properties. The rice bran is thought to have firming, protective and nourishing qualities with the Mandarin having a stimulating and draining effect which can help with water retention and prevent cellulite. This means the oil tackles signs of skin ageing and gives your skin a new shine.

It comes in stylish frosted glass bottle with a pipette in the lid for easy use. A few drops on the skin is all that’s needed for you to feel the effects once it’s been rubbed in. With it being an oil, you may think that it would be very greasy but it’s not at all. It absorbs into the skin leaving it soft and silky. The smell is absolutely gorgeous, fresh and very luxurious, like you have just had a spa treatment. I absolutely love this oil, never have I thought to use pure oil on my body, but I have been converted thanks to the fantastic results. I think it’s an all year round product, but particularly in the oncoming Winter months, when the skin is drier and may need a quick pick me up.

Sobe Pure Oils and other cosmetic products are available to purchase from their website, with the Rice Bran and Mandarin Body Moisturising Pure Oil retailing at €29.50 for a 15ml bottle.