Josephine Fairley

The Perfume Bible

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Working in an office full of women, I often hear about the importance of fragrance. Perfume is said to add a personal signature and a final touch to an elegant outfit. In short, it's a powerful way to make a statement. 

When you’re walking through the crowded London streets, it's hard not to stop and take a whiff of the variety of fragrances around you. However, have you ever stopped to think about the art of perfume? If The Amazing Blog has sparked your curiosity, then go pick up The Perfume Bible by Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay and learn a thing or two about that scent you put on your body everyday.

The Perfume Bible is your ultimate guide to the world of fragrance. It captures the romance and beauty of perfumery in an informative way that will deepen your appreciation and enjoyment of your favourite perfume bottle.

Josephine Farley, a best-selling author, teamed up with Lorna McKay, the leading fragrance and former Harrods/Liberty fragrance buyer, to create this beautifully-illustrated and comprehensive guide to scent. Packed with insider information from the world’s leading experts and interviews with some of the greatest international perfumes, this book brings together everything you need to know about perfume, including guidance on which ‘scent family’ you’re attracted to, the art of shopping for fragrance, and a run-down of the 100 Perfumes to Try Before You Die.

If you’re a perfume addict or simply a curious person, then get online  and purchase the book for £20 or walk to the nearest bookstore and buy it for £25.

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible - Sarah Stacey & Josephine Fairley

laras tuesdayIf you’re like me, you may often find yourself lost in the array of make-up at the cosmetic counter, uncertain of what beauty products are best for you or the difference between all of the products.  Thankfully we here at The Amazing Blog  have been introduced to The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible.  This beauty encyclopaedia by Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairly makes ‘a shortcut through the beauty jungle’ just an easy read away!

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible includes highlights across the beauty spectrum and features sections devoted to makeup, skin, eyes, body, hands, feet, sun, hair, perfume, bed and bath.  Every section contains award-winning products from various beauty and lifestyle brands.  My favourite chapter focuses on makeup, but more specifically features award-winning lip glosses.  I often want to try a new brand or shade of lip gloss, but worry I may dislike the colour or texture of the gloss after blindly purchasing it.  Reading the product information presented by the authors, as well as reviewing the personal remarks on the products, has encouraged me to be more adventurous in my cosmetic selection.  I have especially felt compelled to explore the beauty jungle since The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible suggest that ‘lip glosses are like shoes: you can never have too many’.  Another reason I find The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible particularly innovative, versus other beauty related texts, is that the award winning products and brand suggestions are based on the opinions and experiences of real women.  Each advised product in The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible has been tested by both beauty experts and avid beauty consumers.  This certainly reassures me I will be using a quality and gorgeous beauty product! 

Though quick tips and tricks from The Ultimate Beauty Bible can be found online here, I definitely suggest purchasing a copy of this all encompassing beauty and lifestyle guide here for only £14.95, normally £19.99.