Live Bacteria

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We’re all guilty of not eating well at times. Whether it is grabbing a sandwich on the go to our next meeting or arriving home late and not having the energy to cook a nutritious meal, it always seems a good idea at the time, but we regret it sooner or later. Here at The Amazing Blog we feel it’s about time to take better care of our tummies, and we’ve found the perfect solution! Just For Tummies have formulated a variety of food supplement tablets to give you a helping hand throughout the day.

Choose from tummy tamers like Charcoal, Digestive Enzymes and Live Bacteria depending on what your complaint might be. Charcoal targets bloating and excess wind, and is a great natural treatment for people suffering from IBS whereas, Live Bacteria tames the tummy using, you guessed it, live bacteria to replenish the gut. Digestive Enzymes use derived plant enzymes for extra digestive support on the system to help shield your stomach from those indulgences that you just can’t avoid. The results are a real satisfier, making your tummy troubles float away. Just follow the instructions on the packet and keep your tummy happy. These three food supplements are particularly perfect for the winter season, allowing you to freely indulge in all the rich and wonderful foods without worrying about the side effects.

Head over to the Just For Tummies website to purchase the products individually; Digestive Enzymes and Live Bacteria for £19.95 and Charcoal for £12.95.