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While we at The Amazing Blog try to maintain healthy and balanced diets, London has delicious food on practically every corner. So, to fill the gaps in our diets, we often take vitamins, but many vitamins are hard to travel with and contain harsh preservatives. That’s where Together Health ’s all-natural food supplements, packaged in portable sachets, come in. 

The brand was launched in the UK by two brothers, Lee and Daniel Robertshaw, who found it difficult to sustain a healthy lifestyle amidst busy schedules and unhealthy yet conveniently located food. They partnered with health and nutrition experts to develop food supplements that ‘support as many people on their own journey to find a path to health that works for, and not against, them’. The company is 100 per cent transparent about the supplements’ ingredients that are naturally derived from the ocean and plants and contain no artificial additives or processing aids. We tried eight of the different supplements Together Health offers, four from the Boosts collection and four from the Complexes collection .

The Boost supplements are designed to give you extra vitamins and antioxidants in your diet. The four we tried were Curcumin & Turmeric Complex (helps reduce inflammation), Marine Magnesium contains five natural forms of magnesium minerals), Plant Based Coenzyme Q10 (generates energy in cells), and Vegan Vitamin D3 (helps absorption of calcium and phosphorous from food). One of our favourites from this collection was the Curcumin & Turmeric Complex, which contains organic turmeric root and 95 per cent curcumin extract. These two ingredients have been used for centuries for their natural healing properties as they are antioxidant-rich, neutralise harmful free radicals, and have anti-inflammatory properties

The Complex supplements target specific needs for you to live a healthier life. We tested the Joint Aid Herbal Complex (helps reduce inflammation in joints), Multibiotic Fermented Food (improves digestive and general health), Night Time Complex aids sleep onset and duration), and Stress Aid Complex (reduces stress with food-based vitamins and ocean minerals). Our favourite of this collection was the Night Time Complex. It contains five forms of ocean-sourced magnesium: oxide, hydroxide, sulfate, carbonate, and chloride. Since the magnesium is naturally derived rather than synthetically made, it allows your body to absorb it faster. The supplement also has 5-HTP from Griffonia extract to synthesise serotonin and hops extract to regulate inconsistent sleep patterns or inability to fall asleep. We found that taking two capsules 30 minutes before bed had us sleeping better throughout the night and waking up well-rested. 

Each supplement comes in a ‘vegecap’ made from Pinus Elliottii tree plant cellulose, and you can take it apart to mix into food or drink if you don’t like taking pills. There are approximately 30-60 vegecaps packed in each resealable sachet that can last for two months and is travel-friendly. Together Health has a helpful product recommender here if you aren’t sure what kind of supplement would be best for you. You can buy the supplements here starting from £6.99

Potion London - The Beauty Formula

While we’ve been succeeding in maintaining our healthy lifestyles at The Amazing Blog, some of us felt that there was still something missing from our diet. Eating the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables can only do so much for your body so that’s where incorporating food supplements like The Beauty Formula from Potion London into your diet can make a difference.

Health and wellness brand Potion London have sought out to make a “healthy lifestyle that little bit easier”  with their range of health and beauty supplements that targets your specific health goals from within. We‘re already fan of this brand and have written about their Hyaluronic Complex here Their supplement lines address anything from gut and immune system health. After trying two Potion London products (the aforementioned Hyaluronic Complex) we conclude that Potion London has made it very easy to choose which supplements to complement any diet and lifestyle.

This we think is perfect for anyone with weak or brittle nails and with it’s combination of  19 different vitamins and minerals. The Beauty Formula is specifically aimed to support strong and healthy hair, skin and nails with the Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E enriched in the formula. All of which contributes, supports and maintains your cells’ optimal maintenance and formation.  These along with the other vital ingredients in this supplement will help to leave your nails healthy, complexion radiant and hair luscious. If you want a supplement that targets all three of these areas, then one capsule of The Beauty Formula taken daily with food will be the one for you. To purchase 60 capsules or a two month’s supply of The Beauty Formula for £25 click here. Also available is a subscription service to get the supplement delivered every one or two months for an added 20% discount. I’m a particular fan of addressing any hair, nail and skin issues by starting from within and Potion London nail it!

Anti-Ageing Supplements - Lumity

At The Amazing Blog, we are firm believers that the prevention of signs of ageing goes beyond miracle creams - although they certainly help. To truly stay looking as youthful as you can it's important to take care of yourself from the inside out. As the people at Lumity put it, the body is an ‘infinitely intelligent network of interdependent processes’, and therefore anti-ageing should be tackled in a multi-faceted approach. We couldn't agree more about these Anti-Ageing Supplements. These supplements are the first food supplement to address all nine causes of ageing  (most skin care and supplements target only 1 or 2 areas).

Lumity was created, after years of research, to create a more target approach to anti-ageing and produce supplements to help you maintain health, energy and radiance as you grow older. The supplements provide nutrition to benefit skin, hair and nails, the brain, bones, joints, muscles and teeth, the immune system and the metabolism. With one tablet in the morning for a ‘rich day’ and one in the evening for a ‘restful night’, you are receiving targeted nutrition that supports the entire body. Noticeable benefits include firmer and more radiant skin, deeper sleep, improved hormonal balance, higher energy levels and immune resilience. The supplement contains a clever and all-natural combination of targeted and high-quality nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids, all suspended in flaxseed oil. These work to give you health, vitality and beauty, inside and out.

Unsurprisingly we are not the only fans of Lumity, and it has just been named as one of the top 3 anti-ageing supplements by The Times. It has been named as the 'Editors Choice' by The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, and if that's not enough of a commendation; then the fact that Harrods have selected it as one of only four wellness brands to go on their dedicated well-being stand in their Beauty Apothecary certainly is.

Purchase a month's supply of Lumity for £90 or subscribe to their newsletter and an automatic monthly supply, then you can get 15% off and free shipping = £76.50 a month here.  You can find your nearest UK stockist here

Oregano Oil Soft Gels and Oregano Mouthwash - Zane Hellas

It will come as no surprise to anyone that The Amazing Blog love supplements and the added boost they give to our bodies. Therefore, after hearing about the many benefits of Oregano Oil, such as its ability to fight off and prevent infection, we knew it was time to try it for ourselves. A little bit of research revealed that the best oregano oil originates from Greece and in particular a brand called Zane Hellas. We decided to try the Soft Gels and Mouthwash and put the miracle of Oregano oil to the test. 

Oregano oil has been linked to supporting the immune system, protection against harmful organisms and infections, it is a digestive aid, an allergy support and eases the symptoms of a cold. Being anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic and an antioxidant there isn’t much that Oregano oil can’t help your body fight. We found that the Zane Hellas Soft Gels were an excellent way to incorporate oregano oil easily into daily life for maximum effect. They were so easy to take, you only need one a day preferably with a meal, so we just incorporated them into our post-breakfast morning routine. A pot contains 60 soft gels so lasts around two months. 

We were intrigued by the idea of oregano oil based mouthwash. A 100% natural and vegan the daily oral rinse is excellent at maintaining good dental hygiene by preventing and reducing plaque build up. The mouthwash left us with fresh breath as it reduced our chances of developing gingivitis, dry mouth and thrush (mouth candida fungus.) This is all possible because the carvacrol in the oregano oil eliminates bacteria that live on the tongue and the back of the throat. It has a wonderfully strong and herby scent and is milky in appearance. In a glass bottle with a dropper, the directions are clear and straightforward to follow, just add 15-20 drops of the mouthwash into a small (20 ml) cup of water and rinse for 30 seconds.

Zane Hellas produces the best organic oregano oil that you can buy. Created in Greece with all natural and organic Greek ingredients we cannot recommend this brand enough. The products arrived quickly and were easy to incorporate into our daily routine, so even though they are currently only available in Euros, delivery is quick and you can purchase the products through PayPal. With the proven benefits of oregano oil, incorporating these products into your life is an easy decision to make. You can buy  Zane Hellas Oregano oil here for roughly £17.00 (including shipping) and the mouthwash here for £10.00 (including shipping) 

Just For Tummies - Food Supplements

We’re all guilty of not eating well at times. Whether it is grabbing a sandwich on the go to our next meeting or arriving home late and not having the energy to cook a nutritious meal, it always seems a good idea at the time, but we regret it sooner or later. Here at The Amazing Blog we feel it’s about time to take better care of our tummies, and we’ve found the perfect solution! Just For Tummies have formulated a variety of food supplement tablets to give you a helping hand throughout the day.

Choose from tummy tamers like Charcoal, Digestive Enzymes and Live Bacteria depending on what your complaint might be. Charcoal targets bloating and excess wind, and is a great natural treatment for people suffering from IBS whereas, Live Bacteria tames the tummy using, you guessed it, live bacteria to replenish the gut. Digestive Enzymes use derived plant enzymes for extra digestive support on the system to help shield your stomach from those indulgences that you just can’t avoid. The results are a real satisfier, making your tummy troubles float away. Just follow the instructions on the packet and keep your tummy happy. These three food supplements are particularly perfect for the winter season, allowing you to freely indulge in all the rich and wonderful foods without worrying about the side effects.

Head over to the Just For Tummies website to purchase the products individually; Digestive Enzymes and Live Bacteria for £19.95 and Charcoal for £12.95.