Coco Hydro Sport - Coco Hydro

At The Amazing Blog, we believe it is important to live a healthy and well-balanced life. You can have and do anything you want as long as it is in moderation. So it can be a real disappointment after a long and arduous gym session to glance at the back of your sports drink and realise that what you’re putting into your body to help you, has just nullified most of what you’ve done! Luckily for us though one of our favourite brands Coco Hydro has released a new Sports version of their popular powders.

Available in three flavours, Original, Pineapple and Lemon and Lime, Coco Hydro Sport offers a fantastic alternative to other sports drinks currently available. Acting as a high-performance coconut water-based hydrator this superb product has a higher electrolyte content than regular Coco Hydro, as well as added mineralized sea salts to help support extreme workouts and sports. Equally, the natural chelated organic ionic trace minerals have a 98% faster absorption rate.

Containing only seven ingredients there is nothing to worry about when drinking this product. You no longer have to settle for  over-dyed, sugar filled and over packaged sports drinks. As Coco Hydro point out, by replacing just two bottled drinks with this, you will save on average 104 plastic bottles a year! So if you’re concerned with the waste that other sports drinks cause then, you can sleep a little easier knowing the Coco Hydro Sport helps you help the world. It couldn’t be simpler to use Coco Hydro Sport, simply blend in water to taste or mix it in with a recovery drink or smoothie for increased efficiency in helping to heal those hard working muscles.

You can purchase Coco Hydro Sport here from £18.30, or you can purchase the Original Coco Hydro Sachet's on Planet Organic's website, buy one get one free, for £1.59.

Lingham’s Chilli Sauces

Temperatures are dropping and here at The Amazing Blog, we’re putting a bit of heat back into our lives with Lingham’s Chilli Sauces. Who doesn’t love a nice soup with a spicy twist? The range of sauces by Lingham will do the job whether you like it super-hot or not.

Lingham's have been created sauces since 1908, to an Asian traditional recipe. What's great about their sauces, and makes them so unique, is their ingredients list: fresh chillies, salt, vinegar and sugar. You get what you see. No artificial colours or flavours and no preservatives. Nothing but natural ingredients to offer you the best culinary experience ever.

We personally had a lot of fun experimenting in the kitchen as the sauces go with practically everything! Great as a dipping sauce, or pop a bit in a noodle soup - if you fancy a bit of a morning kick whack some in your scrambled eggs to help wake you up in the morning.

Make sure you try the entire range; Original Chilli SauceGinger  & GarlicExtra Hot Chilli (made with bird’s eye chillies) and the traditional SriRacha (a tangy hot sauce). Whatever your taste, there's something to suit everyone. They’ve also been approved by the Vegetarian Society and are also Halal and Kosher.

You can find Lingham’s Chilli Sauce at Waitrose for £1.69, so don’t waste anymore time and stock up your kitchen before winter properly hits.