Own A Colour

Colour for a Cause

Ok so we’ve all heard about naming a star after a loved one and adopting an endangered Panda, but if you fancy doing something a bit more original, with a worthy cause thrown in for good measure, you can now own a colour. UNICEF, the children’s charity, is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized, and they have teamed up with Dulux to raise as much money as possible to continue their life-changing work. Own A Colour is a fantastic movement started by a small group of individuals – passionate in their belief that small acts can combine collectively to save the lives of many children one child at a time.



In a world where the average computer, Blackberry and iPhone can display an incredible 16.7 million colours, there’s more than enough to go round and every colour sold will make a huge difference to a lot of children in need.  UNICEF is hoping that each and every colour will be named and they are asking for minimum donations starting at £1. All the money raised will go directly to help transform children’s lives and buying a colour makes a quirky alternative to your candy-cane stocking fillers.

Even donating as little as little as £1 can have a profound effect on those in need. UNICEF was founded in 1946 and has spent over six decades campaigning tirelessly to give children the best possible start in life. Their work includes promoting girls’ education, providing immunisation against childhood diseases and working to prevent the spread of HIV and Aids among young people. Such is their dedication to the cause that UNICEF is active in more than 190 countries is part of the Global Movement for Children.

So, whether you fancy yourself as a dusky pink, an opulent purple hue or an emerald green, dig deep and get colouring.