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Stellar Décolletage – Velvet Restore Sleep Complex

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Regular readers of The Amazing Blog, will know that we love anti-ageing products because no matter your age, it is essential to protect your skin against the sun and pollution. If you’re hitting 30 years old, then it’s a good moment to consider using skincare products that both hydrate and firm the skin; leaving it looking better than when you were a teenager (well that might be pushing it!) We must point out that like many individuals, we often forget  to take care of our neck and décolletage, which are just as sensitive as our faces and need the same diligent care. This is when we discovered The Beauty Shortlist award winning Stellar Décolletage who have created a luxurious conditioning treatment that will rejuvenate this neglected area and doesn’t require a 10-step process!

The brand was founded by Helen Erichsen, who noticed a gap in the beauty market for products that improve the appearance of your décolletage, an area that can age almost three years faster than your face. She was always keenly interested in beauty items which contained high performance and natural ingredients and worked to achieve noticeable results. Each product of her products has carefully chosen ingredients for this specific area, including hyaluronic acid with the lowest molecular weight to moisturise  (so as not clog your décolletage’s small pores). This thoughtful formulation is particularly evident in the Velvet Restore Sleep Complex anti-ageing treatment which we tried.

The complex is full of countless beneficial elements and has quickly visible results, making it no surprise to us why it won the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Award for Best Neck & Décolletage Product. There are a few ingredients that immediately jump out at us to help regenerate skin cells and nourish skin. The first is MPC Milk Peptide Complex, and this boosts your skin’s protein, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin levels—all of which promote smoother skin texture and firmness. Secondly, SalSphere AquaSkin, which adds extra hydration and repairs skin that, has redness and hyperpigmentation. Finally, the treatment is infused with six different vitamins like Vitamin E to keep skin healthy and fight ageing.

To use the product, apply a small amount (2-3 pumps) to your neck, décolletage, and chest before going to bed. It has a creamy texture that is not greasy and has a clean scent. The complex works overnight, allowing you to wake up the next morning with immensely soft and velvety skin. While the price is quite high, a little goes a long way, and the results are really worth it. Helen explained: “The Complex is 150ml and is therefore over double or triple in some cases, the quantity of most products for this specific area of the body. This was a deliberate decision, following a recommendation by the women who trialled this, who felt it was important not to have a 50 or 75ml product that they would run out of in a shorter time. It is the equivalent of £26 per 50ml, which we feel is incredibly reasonable for the high efficiency and level of active ingredients included in the formulation.” We were very impressed by the results and will certainly be going on to buy more. To begin reviving your décolletage now or to protect it, purchase this British made and cruelty-free Velvet Restore Sleep Complex (150ml) here for £78.

Elizabeth Grant - Suprême Cell Vitality Neck Creme


Since her Torricelumn has revolutionised skin-care, we at The Amazing Blog can’t get enough of Elizabeth Grant. She founded her Canadian skincare company 60 years ago, aiming to produce advanced and luxury skincare products. Her refined formulas have since proven to do just that, improving the skin of woman around the world. We have featured her brand several times, most recently in one of our Friday Favourites (see here), so you can imagine that we needed little persuasion to try her Suprême Cell Vitality Neck Crème.

Encased in an elegant and metallic golden jar, the light and soft scent of this cream hits you as soon as the product is opened. When applied, your skin immediately feels hydrated and soft. It relaxes and refreshes your neck, leaving your skin feeling nourished. Furthermore, the pleasant texture sinks into the skin quickly, thanks to the non-oily formula. The Suprême Cell Vitality Neck Cream contains Elizabeth Grant’s own creation, Torricelumn, a superior moisturising compound which boosts hydration levels (clinically proven) and plumpens the skins appearance. This is combined with Bupleurum extract, providing your skin with antioxidant properties and algae extract, hydrating and smoothing imperfections. If that’s not enough, then caffeine also stimulates the skin. Perfectly suitable for all skin types, it drastically enhances the look of slack and lined skin - we have certainly experienced a much firmer result, even within the shortest amount of time.

To apply, massage the cream in an upward direction, focussing on the jawline, neck and décolleté area. Do this twice daily, both in the morning, and before going to bed, and you’ll find firming and hydrating results in an abundance. Try Elizabeth Grant’s Suprême Cell Vitality Neck Creme for $80 (50ml) here.