Stellar Décolletage – Velvet Restore Sleep Complex

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Regular readers of The Amazing Blog, will know that we love anti-ageing products because no matter your age, it is essential to protect your skin against the sun and pollution. If you’re hitting 30 years old, then it’s a good moment to consider using skincare products that both hydrate and firm the skin; leaving it looking better than when you were a teenager (well that might be pushing it!) We must point out that like many individuals, we often forget  to take care of our neck and décolletage, which are just as sensitive as our faces and need the same diligent care. This is when we discovered The Beauty Shortlist award winning Stellar Décolletage who have created a luxurious conditioning treatment that will rejuvenate this neglected area and doesn’t require a 10-step process!

The brand was founded by Helen Erichsen, who noticed a gap in the beauty market for products that improve the appearance of your décolletage, an area that can age almost three years faster than your face. She was always keenly interested in beauty items which contained high performance and natural ingredients and worked to achieve noticeable results. Each product of her products has carefully chosen ingredients for this specific area, including hyaluronic acid with the lowest molecular weight to moisturise  (so as not clog your décolletage’s small pores). This thoughtful formulation is particularly evident in the Velvet Restore Sleep Complex anti-ageing treatment which we tried.

The complex is full of countless beneficial elements and has quickly visible results, making it no surprise to us why it won the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Award for Best Neck & Décolletage Product. There are a few ingredients that immediately jump out at us to help regenerate skin cells and nourish skin. The first is MPC Milk Peptide Complex, and this boosts your skin’s protein, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin levels—all of which promote smoother skin texture and firmness. Secondly, SalSphere AquaSkin, which adds extra hydration and repairs skin that, has redness and hyperpigmentation. Finally, the treatment is infused with six different vitamins like Vitamin E to keep skin healthy and fight ageing.

To use the product, apply a small amount (2-3 pumps) to your neck, décolletage, and chest before going to bed. It has a creamy texture that is not greasy and has a clean scent. The complex works overnight, allowing you to wake up the next morning with immensely soft and velvety skin. While the price is quite high, a little goes a long way, and the results are really worth it. Helen explained: “The Complex is 150ml and is therefore over double or triple in some cases, the quantity of most products for this specific area of the body. This was a deliberate decision, following a recommendation by the women who trialled this, who felt it was important not to have a 50 or 75ml product that they would run out of in a shorter time. It is the equivalent of £26 per 50ml, which we feel is incredibly reasonable for the high efficiency and level of active ingredients included in the formulation.” We were very impressed by the results and will certainly be going on to buy more. To begin reviving your décolletage now or to protect it, purchase this British made and cruelty-free Velvet Restore Sleep Complex (150ml) here for £78.

Les Parfums de Rosine - Bois Fuchsia

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We have to admit that at The Amazing Blog, due to the inclement weather, we’ve not been tending to our gardens as regularly as we’d like. We love the fragrance that an English summer garden gives, with the freshness from budding flowers and fruits. So when we received Les Parfums de Rosine with their latest floral and fruit creation, we couldn’t wait to spritz and try.

This French perfume brand was founded by Marie-Hélène Rogeon, whose heritage comes from a long line of perfumers in the family. She is also truly passionate about growing and nurturing special breeds of roses. She has merged these two passions by creating her own brand Les Parfums de Rosine, which specialises in making and designing luxurious and beautiful perfumes all with natural essences. Mme Rogeon wanted her fragrances to be ‘immediately understandable and readable’, something unmistakable in the perfume we tried, Bois Fuchsia.

Created in 2019 by iconic French perfumer Michel Almairac, Bois Fuchsia (translated to ‘fuchsia wood’) immediately gives an uplifting fragrance with top notes of black currant and iris. Heart notes of rose, raspberry, and lychee pack a sweet smell that immediately follows. The colourful fruity scent takes inspiration from Rosa gallica (one of Mme Rogeon’s favourite roses), which is famous for its use in French preserves and jams. Although it is the patchouli, musk, and sandalwood base notes that add a classic and timeless feeling to this perfume. The woody masculine base notes add depth and complement the fruity and feminine notes to make you feel as sophisticated and fashionable.

The special Rosa gallica also inspired the packaging of Bois Fuchsia, which is in an elegant fuschia pink bottle. It is simple with no extraneous writing except a cursive ‘R’ and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This scent is truly evocative of a summer garden and allows you to close your eyes and reminisce, bring a ray of sunshine even on a damp and grey English day! You can purchase Bois Fuchsia (100ml) here for £142.

Delectable Treats from Charbonnel et Walker

Blog Image Here at The Amazing Blog we are not ashamed to admit that we are chocoholics! So when we find a chocolate product that is really special we simply have to spread the word. We were really excited to receive some chocolate goodies from Charbonnel et Walker, a high end chocolatier that is in fact one of the oldest in Britain.

We were lucky enough to try out some chocolates from the Delectables Collection, a range designed to be the perfect after dinner treat. There is an assortment of flavours on offer, 70% Dark Batons, Sea Salt Caramel Batons, Ginger Sticks and Orange Sticks, so there is a flavour to suit most palates.

Before we had even tried the chocolate, we had all fallen in love with the packaging. The chocolate batons come in a classic and classy navy blue box with gold lettering, so we thought that they would make a fantastic gift for family or friends. We also discovered that Charbonnel et Walker holds the Royal Warrant, that is a sign of quality that simply cannot be argued with!

We tried out the Sea Salt Caramel Batons and the Orange Sticks. My favourite just has to be the Sea Salt Caramel Batons, I love chocolate but can often find milk chocolate far too sweet for my taste, however the salt cuts through the sweetness, taking the edge off it.

The Orange Sticks are very different to your typical chocolate orange, the sticks consist of sweet candied orange covered in delicious bitter dark chocolate. This combination of the sweet and bitter works in perfect harmony, with the two flavours complimenting each other perfectly.

We think that these delectable treats are perfect for impressing guests at a dinner party or to give as a gift to a loved one as not only does the box look great, but the chocolate is rich and delicious. You can purchase chocolates from the After Dinner Collection from the Charbonnel et Walker website where they retail for £12 for a box of 125g.

Moliabal Milano Luxury Hair Accessories

blog It seems to be that April showers, bring on May flowers to prepare us for June weddings… And the wedding season is now upon us here at The Amazing Blog. It is one of the most joyful times of the year. Seeing the bride walk down the aisle and the look on her groom's face, as he sees his bride for the first time is what makes weddings so romantic. As the couple’s love is being celebrated, weddings are also an opportunity for guests to put on their best 'bib and tucker' and play up their wardrobes. And the most important fashion accessory for  me on this occasion is a headpiece. Long gone are the big brimmed hats (remember how they annoyingly obscured the view of the bride in the church?) So I decided to do a bit of  research for some delicate headpieces for my wedding occasion and discovered Milano Luxury Hair Accessories. In fact  this very day, I opened a package from them!

The headpiece embodies everything that I wanted for my outfit for my June wedding the Moliabal Milano truly got it right. These luxury hair accessories provide a flare of elegance and a fun bold look that any women could adorn on their head. No matter the season or the occasion. I personally can’t wait to wear this black headband with the roses. It will go perfectly with my outfit, and it has roses on top (A perfect flower for a wedding, one might say).

Ranging in a variety of different styles:  From Headbands, French Pins, Snap Pins, Combs & Claws to Ponytail Holders, you are sure to find the right hair accessory for any special occasion. In fact, finding it difficult to buy an exciting headpiece, Monica Masini took it upon herself to created Moliabal Milano, one of the very first luxury Italian hair accessory lines. Drawing on inspiration from her three friends’ names: Licia, Abele and Alberto, and her name  the brand Moliabal was born.  These handmade headpieces the range of come in a stylish and classic monochrome (which is what I have chosen) however they also come in vibrant colours too.

All products are packaged in a black organza bag and these fabulous accessories price range is from £15 to 125. Moliabal Milano's hair accessories are  currently available in store at Fortnum & Mason London and from the end July on . Dear readers,  unfortunately their website  is currently down and won't be live again until August - apologies from them. But don't despair as they also have a live Facebook  page so you can have a quick peak at their other products there.

Jardins D'EDEN - Indulge Body & Massage Oil

blog templateThe girls at The Amazing Blog know that I'm a big fan of a good body moisturiser - I go through tubs and bottles of it very easily. If there's something I cannot miss doing every morning and evening, is applying a good layer of body moisturiser or body oil. I describe myself as a true body moisturiser addict. When we were given the chance to try Jardins D'EDEN Indulge Body & Massage Oil, everyone at in the office knew that I had to be the one to give this treat a go. Jardins D'EDEN is a lovely brand directed by three sisters that after following diverse paths in life, decided to renew the family tradition trying to keep their father's dream alive, a highly-regarded maitre savonneur who started the family tradition of all-natural, olive oil based products in 1967.

The Indulge Body & Massage Oil is the perfect perfect to add to any pampering session after a stressful day... although any excuse is good to use this gem. After using a thick salt scrub, I apply the thinest layer of this beautiful oil on my damp skin to guarantee a maximum hydration. Jardins D'EDEN  Indulge Body & Massage Oil is easily absorbed and it's a stunning blend of regenerating Rose, stimulating Geranium, sebum balancing Palma Rosa, decongesting Petitgrain and soothing Lavender essential oils - the Indulge Body Oil leaves delicate floral scent on the skin. It is ideal to use on dry skin types or on dehydrated conditions and after sun exposure.

Jardins D'EDEN has impressed me very much. I've been eyeing their website to buy some things myself, as my experience with their Bath & Body Oil has been superior. Their Bath & Body Oils retail at £25 and can be purchased from their website, Harrods and from Whole Foods from June on.