Soft Peel Tonic

Soft Peel Tonic, Energy Booster Serum and 9-D Serum - Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland

Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate and the Swiss Alps, here at The Amazing Blog we seem to love all things Swiss, and we think we’re found our new favourite; Swiss skincare. It comes in the form of Jaqueline Piotaz Switzerland, an innovative state–of-the-art skincare brand.

We looked at three products from the brand, the first two from the Triple Plant Stem Cell Plus Collection; Soft Peel Tonic and Energy Booster Serum. We’ve also chosen to review the 9-D Serum - Nine Skin Experts, a pioneering anti-aging power serum. The brand is a high end, high-tech range cosmeceuticals which have been developed by a renowned Swiss lab using Jaqueline Piotaz’s years of experience and knowledge of cosmetics. The hero ingredient is Edelweiss, a mystical plant only found in mountainous areas, traditionally used in folk medicine as a remedy for health concerns, it has also been found to be a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin from ageing.

Firstly we looked at the Soft Peel Tonic, a two in one toner which works by gently peeling off any dead skin cells whilst moisturising and revitalising the skin making it look soother and firmer. The combination of five plant and fruit extracts as well as Edelweiss, vitamin B3 and polysaccharides permits to refresh the skin to prepare a clean base for the next stages in the skin care concept. We love the spray’s glamourous bronze and gold bottle of 100ml and for a full face only 5 sprays is needed, so it’s sure to last you a while.

The next stage in the Triple Plant Stem Cell Plus Collection is the Energy Booster Serum; this product comes out as a gel texture and has an oily base but a subtle, sweet, floral scent. The gel sinks in quickly and leaves a soft smooth skin behind, a difference in the brightness of our skin was noticeable straight away and when used twice a day our skin looked flawless.

The 9-D Serum - Nine Skin Experts specifically designed for demanding and mature skin includes 9 skin experts in high concentration which combine to make an advanced anti-ageing power for an immediately visible care results. The gel is similar to the energy booster serum, however leaves a slightly shinier surface, perfect as a base to add makeup to, or to leave natural and go about your day. It’s recommended to use this twice a day for best long lasting results.

Treat your skin with the ultimate high-performance and luxurious collections from Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland. The Soft Peel Tonic is available here for £ 76 (113.50 CHF), the Energy Booster Serum here for £ 148 (221.50 CHF) and the 9-D Serum - Nine Skin Experts here for £ 212 (319.50 CHF).