Tempting Table Treats

Last weekend was one of the most amazing weekends I’ve had. My best friend Ann got married on Saturday and her wedding was utterly fabulous. Every single detail was completely impeccable: the flowers, the music, the guest book and my friend, of course, looked absolutely stunning!

But today, telling my colleagues at The Amazing Blog about the wedding, I had to admit that one of my favourite parts was the food, and in particular, the cakes which were supplied by Tempting Cake. Perfect for special occassions they bring you the ultimate in dessert designs, offering cupcakes, hand-iced cookies, handmade chocolates and fresh fruit, guaranteed to make your wedding, birthday or corporate event the most decadent in town. The cakes not only look amazing, but as Tempting Tables use on the very finest ingedients, they taste absolutely delicious too!

The cake at my friend's wedding that had been created by Tempting Tables tied in perfectly with the white theme; with coconut shavings, glitter in the vanilla pannacotta and royal icing piping detail on the cake, it provided the perfect minimalist look.

Born out of a passion for baking and fine design, this luxury cake company is based in Wimbledon and caters for all occassions.  So if you have a forthcoming special event make sure you check out their website, where you can contact them to place an order or to discuss their delicious cakes, cookies or cupcakes.  Tempting indeed!



Age Appropriate Skincare

So we're mid-way through January, officially THE longest month of the year, and all the girls here at The Amazing Blog's HQ in Chelsea are still trying to abide by their new year's health kick resolution - some successfully, some not so! And as a bunch of professional beauty  junkies we were all delighted to come across Age Aware Skincare from ARK, a fabulous brand who happen to have a Skincare Centre  just round the corner from us in Fulham.

Founded in 1998, the first ARK Skincare Centre was launched in Fulham by Shula Starkey who wanted to create a luxurious salon experience that was both intimate and welcoming. Such was their popularity that they have since expanded into both Putney and Wimbledon, where they have become the leading destination for skincare fanatics - ourselves included!

Over a decade after ARK's first conception saw the exclusive launch of ARK Age Aware Skincare. Following on from 4 years of dedicated research, the skincare range is the result of a collaboration with Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, a Naturopathic doctor and leading expert in preventative health and nutrition from Canada. Looking at the way in which skin ages, as opposed to specific skin types, they developed 'age appropriate' products for three age ranges: Age Prepare (teens to early 30s), Age Maintain (mid 30s to 50) and Age Repair (50s and beyond), thus pioneering an alternative way of looking after skin.

Offering ARK Age Aware Assessments, during which your skin is assessed to find the right solution for you, and a beautiful range of products that really work - and we've tried them - ARK offer a new and innovative way of looking after your skin that will change the way you treat it forever. My particular favourite is the Nourishing Body Lotion which is a combination of Shea Butter, Kukui, Coconut Oil, Sea Oak and Silk Proteins.  This body lotion quite literally feels like liquid silk when applied to the skin. Although it's £26 for 250 ml, a little real does go a long way so that's good economy in my book.  It is also without doubt one of the best long-lasting all round body lotions that I have ever used. I absolutely love, love, LOVE it!