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Sea Creatures: Life Beneath the Ocean


We are always searching for new and exciting events happening in London, especially those where the whole family can partake. If you’re interested in marine life and the creatures that inhabit our oceans, then dive into Sea Creatures: Life Beneath the Ocean’s immersive experience. The exhibition is making its first European debut this summer, and The Amazing Blog is eager to grab tickets.


With 200 exhibits of 50 full body and 150 body parts of ethically-sourced specimens, visitors learn about marine life and conservation through various tactile approaches. While exploring the anatomy of the sea creatures, the exhibit offers a digital interactive experience for children, virtual reality installations and a mini cinema. The exhibition creates a narrative around sea life that engages its visitors in environmental awareness, through its interesting visuals. This will also be the first time that Hai Hai, the world record-breaking Minke whale will make its way to London.


Before the exhibition’s tour to four UK cities, the London exhibition will open on 27th July until the end of August, at Royal Horticulture Halls, Lawrence Halls. The exhibit is open from 10:00-18:00, with extended hours on Thursdays. Tickets are £18 for adults, £12 for children, or £52 for families (which include tickets for two adults and two children, or one adult and three children). It’s recommended to take public transportation as there isn’t available parking at or near the venue.

Aloe 24-7

Here's a trick that the The Amazing Blog loves, use Aloe Vera to prevent the worsening of, and help cure sun burn. Living in a usually cloudy country more often than not results in fair skin, and as we all know fair skin and the sun are natural enemies. Even those of us who religiously apply sun cream, lotion or oil can burn by accident, so having an effective Aloe Vera in your backup arsenal is a must.

The reason we favour Aloe 24-7 is because of the amazing combination of ingredients in their gel. Not only does it contain Organic Aloe Vera, but it also contains Lemongrass oil, Kalahari oil, Rosemary oil and Chamomile, which we know is a natural soother. This combination of natural ingredients alongside the gel means that while it heals your sunburn it also helps to make skin softer and smoother, by encouraging cell regeneration. Due to the effectiveness of Aloe 24’s Aloe gel the Western Cape department of Health has approved it to be used in all government hospitals and clinics in South Africa. This gel is the doctor’s choice, it feels amazing and smells fantastic.

Purchase the Gel here for £8.99 and thank us later.

Rosehip Oil, Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C and cellular radiance serum - [A'kin]

The idea of 'pure' ingredients may not seem like something you’ve thought about, or if you have, it might sound like a fanciful dream, but we here at The Amazing Blog have found the reality. [A’kin] is a brand which defines itself by its dedication to “the power of purity.” Their products undertake a unique process to ensure that their ingredients are: properly researched for their health and beauty benefits, extracted in their purest and most beneficial form, and selected and tested for synergy and skin compatibility. As such we had high hopes and expectations for the two oils and one serum we tried.

Both of the [A’kin] Oils we tried used Rosehip as the basis of the products, but both achieved different results. Rosehip is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which help to give skin a youthful and healthy glow. Rosehip is also full of Omega 3, 6, and 9 which help to restore moisture as well as nurturing and rejuvenating the appearance of skin. The first Rosehip based oil we tried was the Brightening Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C, and we can honestly say it did everything it said and more! Our skin felt brighter and clearer, as the Vitamin C in the oil acts as a powerful reviving antioxidant helping to neutralise free radicals, clear up the skin, all the while keeping it hydrated and fed! While the Brightening Rosehip Oil with vitamin C is suitable for all skin, the Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil is better suited for dry and or sensitive skin types. This oil left our skin feeling smooth and deeply hydrated. The oil is enriched with pure active botanicals and contains only two ingredients: rosa canina seed (rosehip) extract and rosemary leaf extract. [A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil has a concentration of Omega essential fatty acids that is no less than 80%!! This award winning Rosehip oil helps to restore moisture and helps reduce the visible signs of aging. The result is vibrant, glowing and healthy radiant looking skin.

The [A’kin] Revitalising Cellular Radiance Serum was a fantastic anti-aging serum that completely rejuvenated our skin, restoring youthfulness. The powerful serum combines 6 organic and certified extracts: pomegranate amaranth, seabuckthorn, rosehip, calendula, and chamomile. All of which help to moisturise skin, while firming it up. It’s no wonder, therefore, that in a recent study on 32 women aged 50 and over, the serum was shown to improve skin texture by 84%, skin radiance by 69% and reduce wrinkles by 22% over a three month period. What more could you want from an all natural anti-aging serum!

You can purchase [A'kin]'s revitalising cellular radiance serum here for £26.00 their brightening rosehip oil with vitamin C here for £24.00 and their pure radiance rosehip oil here for £18.00

Perversion - Urban Decay

urban decay - photo blog.jpg

It's always fun to mix up your makeup look and here at The Amazing Blog, we love to find new make up products to use, so when Urban Decay's newest launch arrived in our office we were thrilled to test it out.

Mascara is definitely an essential to a makeup look and lashes are made to be noticed, so we can all flicker our eyes! The Urban Decay mascara perversion has a large wand so you can lengthen the lashes, creating volume and glamour. This black mascara will have you addicted to its high tech brush that separates your lashes whilst giving you the control to build up coats for a super black wide-eyed effect. The mascara has an ultra-creamy formula, so it glides effortlessly through, leaving clump free lashes and the highly pigmented shade is perfect to finish a dramatic smokey eyed look. 

Like Urban Decay says: for a "bigger, blacker and badder" look, why not try this mascara available here for £17.50.

Beard Moisturiser - The London Grooming Company

Here at The Amazing Blog, we like to shift the focus onto the men once in a while. So, today we bring you a product for the rugged man: the Beard Moisturiser from The London Grooming Company.

Designed specifically for the modern British gentleman, whilst upholding the quality of traditional male grooming products, this product is sure to tame even the most unmanageable of beards.  The moisturiser comes in the form of a balm and is to be massaged into the beard and skin to soften those unruly strands and the skin that lies beneath. In addition, the product works to soothe and protect the skin and the beard through its antiseptic and stimulating effect. The balm also has a subtle masculine fragrance to leave a clean, fresh scent lingering on your skin beyond your morning grooming routine.

If you believe yourself (or your man) to be a true gentleman, then you can find London Grooming Company’s Beard Moisturiser here at £14.95 for 30mL and £19.95 for 50mL.