IVAR - Ho Wood Handwash


Due to how frequent we wash our hands, it is essential to use a handwash that is both gentle and moisturising. However, a good handwash must also work hard to cleanse our hands of germs. The Amazing Blog team has been lucky enough to find such a handwash:  IVAR's Ho Wood Handwash. IVAR London, "Home of Modern Man," is a furniture, home-ware, and design brand. They have launched a line of hand soaps, creams, and body wash that are sleekly designed, to provide caring skin treatment while stylising your bathroom.

IVAR is primarily a furniture, homeware, and design brand created by Patrick Dougherty. They specialise in uniquely beautiful interior design looks and furniture. When we learned about their line of soaps and creams, we had to give them a try. Each bottle of IVAR handwash comes in a long, sleek black & white bottle, and the label is comprised of strong, simple lines.

Made in the UK, IVAR's Ho Wood Handwash contains ho wood oil, citrus lemon peel oil, clary sage oil,  and citric acid. The essential oils refresh your hands and leave them with a zingy lemon scent with a dampening of sage, loved by the men and women in our team. This handwash also contains plant-derived glycerine, which naturally provides hands with moisture, wonderful for those of you with sensitive skin.

You can purchase your own Ho Wood Handwash 300ml by IVAR here for £17.00. Plus, there's free shipping within the UK.

Lime Lace - Lets Rock Hand Candle

BLOG Limelace candle.jpg

Rock 'n' roll is much-loved music genre at The Amazing Blog. What’s better than a dramatic electric guitar solo or the slam of drumsticks on the cymbals? Home products that incorporate our musical interests always get our attention and one of our favourite brands that do so is Lime Lace. They are an inspirational boutique online store offering eclectic home accessories and gifts, and you can see other products that we’ve written about in the past here.

Lime lace specialises in helping their customers create personalised homes filled with quirky items that speak to each person's unique personality. The Lime Lace Lets Rock Hand Candle provides customers with a fun way to spice up a room's vibe and it’s definitely a fantastic conversation starter!

The Lets Rock Hand Candle is a cast of an actual adult hand using the universally known rock ‘n’ roll gesture (H 21 cm x W 9 cm.) The candle is made from high-quality, non-toxic wax and natural colours, and is odourless. This candle comes in two different finishes: shimmering silver or metallic steel (as pictured above). Also, it has two wicks that add an extra flair. This candle is the perfect gift for any rock 'n' roll lover. This candle is sure to ‘rock out’ in any room you put it in. You can purchase the Lime Lace Lets Rock Hand Candle here for £22.95.

Friday Favourites LAPADA Arts and Antiques Fair- 2017

image one.png

The annual LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair is the leading showcase for art and antiquities on an international level and has grown to become one of the most prestigious events in the London social calendar. The Amazing Blog has been a huge fan of the fair since its inception in 2009, as it brings 100 exhibitors together to present work from across the art, antiques, design, and decorative arts spectrum. The authenticity of all these exhibitors is assured by the 70-member specialist committee who approve each item before the show begin. 

image 2.jpg

We love the variety of what is featured at the fair, from ornate furniture, to delicate jewels, to eye-catching pieces of art, the fair has it all. It is an entirely unique London event that brings together a vast collection of sought-after pieces that are bound to appeal to all; whether you are a first-time buyer or a collector, or a hoarder of the finer things. With prices varying from an affordable £500 to a more eyebrow raising £500,000 the fair is filled with goodies certain to please you and have a place in your home. 

image 3.jpg

LAPADA will be held at Berkeley Square between the 15th and 20th of September. A ticket will cost you £20 for entry during between the 15th and 20th, whereas a collectors ticket will get you in the day before and only costs £65.00.