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Tabitha James Kraan Hair Products

We here at the Amazing Blog  are obsessed with hair care products and treatments so when we received Tabitha James Kraan dry shampoo and hair oil we couldn’t get enough if it. Dry shampoo is a busy girl’s miracle product giving her time to get on with the day whilst creating plenty of volume.

Let’s face it ladies not all of us have the time to wash our hair every day, washing, drying and styling can often be an arduous process. So here is the answer to your prayers, Tabitha Dry Shampoo takes the grease from the roots whilst leaving your feeling silky smooth and not dry like the majority of dry shampoos. The great thing about this product is that it is not aerosol which can be toxic when inhaled and irritating to skin. This dry shampoo is a powder but it is NOT a white powder so it does not leave your hair looking grey or dull, you can put it directly onto your scalp and rub it in with your fingers. Some dry shampoos can leave feeling dirty and sticky however this will leave your hair soft and clean and smelling luxurious almost as if you have actually had a shower!

We also received hair oil which comprises of certified organic ingredients including sea buckthorn, argan oil, safflower, rosehip and goji berry, making it packed full of essential proteins, omegas and vitamins to keep your hair beautiful both inside and out.  The oil is an impressive 99.5% certified organic and 100% natural making it the most opulent oil your hair could dream of.

I put in my hair 30 minutes before I had a shower for a deep treatment. My hair is quite fine and the oil actually gave my hair volume and left it looking soft, smooth and silky, it’s well worth a try my hair felt stronger and more protected. 

We now addicted to these products and will be buying our dry shampoo here  for £28.95 and the hair oil here  for £38.00.