TAPPED – Birch Water


When we at The Amazing Blog came across TAPPED, we were intrigued. This birch water beverage seemed like a very appealing alternative to water, as it claims to be hydrating and thirst-quenching!

Birch water is birch sap and is collected via tapping birch trees. Birch trees store vital minerals and vitamins, including anti-oxidising manganese, in their roots and every spring this water filters up through the trunk. TAPPED have bottled (well, cartoned) this organic goodness for us to enjoy as a refreshing and healthy beverage.

With a light delicate flavour, the birch water comes in three flavours; pure organic birch water, bilberry & lingonberry and apple & root ginger. Our favourite was definitely the apple & root ginger, as the ginger brings a lovely warmth and zest. The bilberry & lingonberry is a touch sweeter, perfect for when you have a slight hankering for something sweet. Bear in mind though, they have no added sugar or artificial flavour, so the drinks are not sweet like fruit juice or flavoured waters. Not only this, but they are pure organic, filtered by nature, never from concentrate and are only 10 calories per carton!

You can purchase from the TAPPED website here or in store from a range of stores such as Ocado, Selfridges, Whole Foods and Sainsbury’s. The price for a pack of 3 cartons is £9 and 12 cartons is £30.