Teatonics - Laid-Back Botanical Tea & Mind-Awakening Yerba Mate Tea

In typical English fashion, here at The Amazing Blog, we are avid tea drinkers. We’re always sipping on different blends, trying new flavours and trying to settle on a favourite. This week is no different and we’re happily drinking our new brews from award-winning Dorset brand, Teatonics. With a range of delicious blends to choose from, we’ve never been more eager to put the kettle on.

The brand launched in 2014, when founders, Rosie and Charles, traveled to Latin America and found themselves inspired. Of their four unique blends, we tasted the Laid-Back Botanicals and Mind-Awakening Yerba Mate. The organic Laid-Back blend was wonderfully soothing, with its Chamomile and Lavender making it the perfect pre-bedtime cuppa.  Our favourite, however, was the Yerba Mate blend. Naturally caffeinated, the delicious tea is infused with citrus Orange Peel and Peppermint, perfect for an invigorating boost at any time of day. Blended with supplements and superfoods, it’s great to find something that tastes as great as it actually is.

TeaTonics have also just launched two new delicious flavours, Ruby-Red Restorative with red & green rooibos, hibiscus, cacao shells, vanilla pod and liquorice, and Nourishing Maté-Spice with yerba mate, ginger, cardamom, turmeric and a touch of chilli. We cannot wait try these! What’s more, Teatonics offer a brilliant subscription service, so you’ll never go thirsty again. 

Brew yourself a cuppa and buy a pack of 14 teabags here for £5.50. Alternatively, treat yourself to a subscription package, starting from £10 per month.