TEATOX - Skinny Detox and Organic Wellness Tea

Cleansing the mind, body and soul is an important part of our busy and often unhealthy lifestyles. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have found something to help you along, TEATOX have created a range of delicious detox teas. We were lucky enough to try out the soothing Holistic Range that consists of the Good Morning Tea, Good Evening Tea, Organic Wellness Tea and last but not least the Energy Matcha Green Tea.  

The Skinny Detox morning tea was soothing and refreshing, the use of Goji Berries and Sencha green tea leaves you feeling revitalised and your metabolism engaged. The perfect way to start the morning! The hint of Peppermint and Lemon Balm in the Skinny Detox night tea is far more soothing. It leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for a great nights sleep, but with the added advantage of stimulating digestion which normally slows at night. If you find yourself eating dinner at a late hour, this could become your new best friend.

TEATOX include the perfect balance of flavours in their Organic Wellness Tea. They use lemon grass, ginger root and honeybush to create a fragrant and refreshing drink that can be consumed all day long. This is certainly a tea that encompasses TEATOX’s philosophy to promote balance and inner peace. The Energy Matcha Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and caffeine which gave us just the right amount of energy when we needed a midday boost. Get your own holistic tea set featuring all the teas above here for  £38.90.