Carlsberg Grooming Kit

Beauty and skincare isn’t exclusive to just women, men are becoming more concerned with their appearance and overall health. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have finally found a skincare range that can get our boys excited. Carlsberg have launched a series of limited edition male grooming products made from real Carlsberg beer!

Interestingly, the ingredients used to make beer have also decided to make skincare and haircare benefits, why were we not told before? The Barley, Hop and Yeast are incredibly rich in vitamin B and Silicium, both of which strengthen and shine their hair, and keep skin protected and deeply hydrated. The Beer Beauty Body Lotion and Shampoo had light, fluid textures that left the hair and skin feeling extremely soft. The lotion soaked into the skin with ease and the shampoo transformed into an even lather, leaving the hair feeling as clean as a whistle. I have no doubt the range will intrigue any beer lover; it keeps true to the renowned green and white packaging for a truly masculine pamper session. We loved that the fragrance was soft and pleasant rather than overpowering as beer can be, it has the perfect hint of the yeasty beverage.

If you want to get your hands on this intriguing Beer Beauty range, or feel it would make the perfect gift for the lager lovers out there, get it here for £19.99