The Rapid Self-Tan Liquid & The Eclipse Self-Tan Mousse – Tantruth

At The Amazing Blog, as much as we’d like to bask in the summer sun to build a healthy, natural glow, we also want to protect our skin from harmful sun damage. That is why a faux tan is often the best option when trying to achieve a ‘beach holiday’ look without dishing out for tickets to the Maldives!

Tantruth has a self-tanning product to suit any woman’s needs, whether that is for fast results or darker skin tones. We tried two from the range: The Rapid and The Eclipse. The Rapid Fast Acting Self-Tan Liquid comes with its own application mitt to make for an easy application and a smooth bronzed tan instantly. Enriched with Vegetan Premium, as well as Shea Butter, Satin Silk and Avocado Extract, skin is left feeling soft and the tan streak-free. The Eclipse Self-Tan Mousse in Dark/Extra Dark delivers a deep tan, perfect for those who are looking to enhance their darker skin tone or for those who desire a darker sun-kissed look. The mousse glides onto skin effortlessly, with the colour guide allowing you to see which spots you have missed, avoiding any blotchy surprises later on.  

Achieve a natural, summer-time look with Tantruth’s The Eclipse here for £16.99 and The Rapid here for £20.99.