Tideford Organic Soup

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Here at The Amazing Blog we just love when we come across a food brand that both pleases our taste buds and helps us live a healthy lifestyle. That being said, we were extremely grateful when Tideford Organics sent us a wide selection of their organic soups which we found just delightful.

The company sent us Pea and Mint, Beetroot with Crème Fraiche and Dill, and Italian Tomato with Lentil and Red Pepper. Considering that the collection of soups are all organic, low fat, low salt, gluten free and wheat free, we allowed ourselves to indulge…and it was just positively sinful. Out of the three soups that we were able to try, our favourite was the Organic Italian Tomato with Lentil and Red Pepper. We loved its classic but reinvented profile, and it's the perfect replacement for the original tomato soup and grilled cheese combination. Overall, the soups are good for you, the company is passionate about what they do, and the food is delicious. Sign us up!

Though we fell in love with the soup, Tideford Organics is equally as passionate about providing a wide array of delicious and healthy foods of all kinds. The selection of food provided includes lines of porridge, pudding, pesto, and sauces. If you are looking for some delicious new foods to add to your daily meal-routine, check out the list of stockists here.