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Mokhado Oils - Starter Pack

Our team here at The Amazing Blog is passionate about healthy eating and cooking our own meals. We recently found out about Mokhado cooking oils from South Africa, and suddenly our cooking experience has transformed for the better.

The range of oils includes three different varieties – Apricot, Avocado and Macadamia – which each contain their own unique flavour and taste. All three oils are cold-pressed, extra virgin, pure, heart-healthy and suitable for vegans. With monounsaturated fats and natural vitamins, they provide your body with healthy fats and antioxidants. The bottles are even coloured-coded and feature a simple and beautiful design.

The founder of the oils, Chrisjan Van den Berg, is proud to showcase the oils his family has known and loved for years. All of the ingredients used to make the oils are never wasted either, since the remaining pits are used as animal feed or compost.

We loved adding the oils to vegetable stir-fry and when baking meat and fish. The macadamia oil, in particular, tasted wonderful when added to something as simple as plain rice. It was so easy to enjoy the oils when we remembered how healthy they are, in addition to their flavourful taste. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, then Mokhado have a range of delicious recipe ideas to choose from, including a fantastic guacamole.

To try the full range of Mokhado oils, head here and get your own set of three for £20. You can also purchase individual bottles of whichever oil you choose for £6.99 each. 

LighterLife - Fast 5:2

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Eat low-fat foods. Exercise more. Skip meals. Don’t skip meals. Fast. We have all been given different suggestions for weight loss, but which ones actually work?

Here at The Amazing Blog we do not generally approve of dieting; however, LighterLife Fast 5:2 products provide a healthy way to lose or maintain weight through intermittent fasting.

Normally when we hear the word “fast,” we run for the hills because who wants to limit the amount of food they eat?

Intermittent fasting generally involves cutting calorie intake to around a quarter of what you would usually eat for just two days a week. The rest of the week you can eat how you always eat.

Why should you try this you might ask? Intermittent fasting is perfect for shedding a few pounds or keeping your weight in check. Plus, it’s easy and nutritious without the hassle of cooking, food shopping and calorie counting.

On each fasting day, you will be consuming 600 calories while still getting 100% of your recommended daily allowances of key minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre. With LighterLifeFastpacks, you have a choice between savoury meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Pasta Carbonara, Porridge, four shakes (vanilla, strawberry, banana and chocolate) and four meal bars (nut fudge, crispy peanut, cranberry & raspberry and toffee).

Our executive editor tried it for a week and was quite impressed that she didn’t feel hungry, even after consuming only 600 calories. She had a combination of all of the Fastpacks and her favourite was the bars. She felt they really stopped her snacking. She wasn’t so keen on the soups and shakes, but she did enjoy the porridge and pasta carbonara.

If you think this is a great way to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, you can purchase a box of four Fastpacks exclusively at Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland for £7.99. A box of four is enough for one day of fasting. If you aren’t sure whether this product is for you, you can receive complementary media trials to sample the products first hand and then make your decision!


Easy Bean - Chickpea Crispbread

Have you hopped on that gluten-free bandwagon yet?

Whether you’re into the gluten-free fad or still iffy about it, we here at The Amazing Blog suggest you give Easy Bean’s new Chickpea Crispbreads a try.

You do not have to be a gluten-free lover to enjoy this delicious snack. These crispbreads are a UK first. They are handmade at a bakery in Somerset and contain nutty-tasting chickpea flour rather than wheat flour and buttermilk from local farms. The seasoning and toasted seeds on top give it that extra flavour and crunch. You have a choice between Moroccan Spice, Seeds & Black Pepper and Mung Bean & Chive.

Christina Baskerville, the founder of Easy Bean, says the crispbreads are, “perfect for snacking, lunching, dipping and sharing … particularly good served with a bowl of soup at lunch time.”

If you’re still a little unsure about whether any kind of gluten-free snack can actually taste good, just know that these snacks have already won TWO Gold Great Taste Awards. If that doesn’t make your taste buds jump then I don’t know what will!

Chickpea Crispbreads are available nationally from many independent stockists, or you can purchase them here for £3.00. 

That Protein - Pumpkin Powder

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Although Halloween is usually associated with tasty treats and candies, we at The Amazing Blog have recently been looking for a healthy way to indulge in all of our favourite Halloween flavours.  Once we received a sample of That Protein's Pumpkin Protein powder, we were pleased to discover that it is indeed possible to cease our sweet tooth and watch our diets.

By using the company's “I Heart Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder” along with Chia seed mix, the nutritionists at That Protein have developed the perfect Pumpkin Protein “Healthy Halloween” super food shake powder. Never thought of combining these two unique mixtures? Well, the combination of the two is what makes this product both utterly unique and extremely effective.

This protein powder contains high doses of Fibre and Omega 3. That means by mixing it into your daily shakes and other liquids, you can enjoy a sweet and refreshing pumpkin flavour while staying full for a longer period of time. Say goodbye to all of those candy and chocolate cravings, because with this tasty and healthy treat, there is no need for snacking! Thanks to our friends at That Protein, the act of snacking and savouring at The Amazing PR office has been completely redefined.

This tasty pumpkin product, along with other That Protein products, can be bought here for £14.99 for 10 servings. Not a fan of the pumpkin flavour craze?  Not to worry, the company provides a wide array of other flavours as well, including Happy Happy Hemp Protein Powder and Blissful Brown Rice.

Tideford Organic Soup

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Here at The Amazing Blog we just love when we come across a food brand that both pleases our taste buds and helps us live a healthy lifestyle. That being said, we were extremely grateful when Tideford Organics sent us a wide selection of their organic soups which we found just delightful.

The company sent us Pea and Mint, Beetroot with Crème Fraiche and Dill, and Italian Tomato with Lentil and Red Pepper. Considering that the collection of soups are all organic, low fat, low salt, gluten free and wheat free, we allowed ourselves to indulge…and it was just positively sinful. Out of the three soups that we were able to try, our favourite was the Organic Italian Tomato with Lentil and Red Pepper. We loved its classic but reinvented profile, and it's the perfect replacement for the original tomato soup and grilled cheese combination. Overall, the soups are good for you, the company is passionate about what they do, and the food is delicious. Sign us up!

Though we fell in love with the soup, Tideford Organics is equally as passionate about providing a wide array of delicious and healthy foods of all kinds. The selection of food provided includes lines of porridge, pudding, pesto, and sauces. If you are looking for some delicious new foods to add to your daily meal-routine, check out the list of stockists here.