Time Bomb - Glory Days Day Cream and Flashback Night Cream

Here at The Amazing Blog we love nothing more than sumptuous products to help give our skin a youthful glow, and Time Bomb Glory Days Day Cream and Flashback Night Cream do just that.

Unlike typical day creams Time Bomb Glory Days forms a moisture barrier and transforms skin into a smooth, perfect canvas. A super-power blend of glucose, borage oils and white flower oils help re-energize cells and aid in regeneration, leaving skin plump, dewy and tight.

With powerhouse peptide Matrixyl which has been clinically proven to almost double the amount of collagen in the skin - this emollient-rich moisturiser-and-more absorbs quickly. Hyaluronic acid forms a matrix that penetrates into skin to trap moisture and smoothes skin’s surface making it an ideal surface for makeup application with no streaking or pulling. Opalescent particles give skin an instant radiance. Skin instantly looks, feels and 'acts' younger.

Night-time is the best time to launch an anti-ageing attack and Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream is the weapon of choice. This super-rich formula drenches skin in healing oils such as Borage Oil, botanicals, phytoplids, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Rice Bran Wax and Shea Butter form a mini mask to plump, smooth and soften the skin.

Flashback is lightweight, yet incredibly powerful, creating a barrier that seals moisture in as it is absorbed into skin.  Unlike typical night creams, Flashback will stay on your skin, instead of on your pillow! Powerful anti-oxidants that would normally deplete over time are stored as reserves so you wake up with a dewy glow that lasts long into the day.

Time Bomb is available at Selfridges London and Birmingham, QVC and on Time Bomb’s website. Purchase the Glory Days Day Cream for £12 here and the Flashback Night Cream for £13.50 here