Vivderma – Facial Oil and Sculpting Neck & Chest Cream

It is not a secret that our face is our business card and here at The Amazing Blog we know how to take care of it, together with Vivderma specific products.

After a certain age, in particular, all we ask for are visible results that last longer than a day. And with Perfecting Facial Oil it won’t be a dream but something tangible that everybody around you will notice.
The first benefit we have noticed is that our collection of skincare products has strongly improved; no more countless serum, day cream, night mask. This oil does all the job alone counting only on its remarkable ingredients, leaving the skin plumped and not oily at all. Some of us are still admiring the effects in the mirror; taking advantage of argan oil, bioretinol and Vitamin E, the oil really improves face brightness and skin tone! Beside Vivderma used only natural scents like petitgrain and palmarosa to create an iconic fragrance that will gently blend in to the skin.

The Sculpting Neck and Chest Cream contains Dermahealth Biomimetic Skin Complex which is a specific formula that along with exclusive ingredients as Revinage™, Bimiol BSC®033  and Vitamin C, acts fast against the signs of aging and helps neck and chest regaining the elasticity they had once.
There is no catch and it is not something from another world; it is pure science and love for excellent products. Launching this cream, we think Vivderma gave us a real opportunity to love our skin more than usual. What impressed us the most is the consistency, very smooth and not too rich or thick. More than anything we like the feeling of an emulsion that slowly turns into a serum very fresh and light. In our opinion it’s pretty perfect for every skin type.

As we did, you will fall in love with the packaging. Elegant dark purple bottles that will look great on your vanity table.  The Facial Oil can be bought here for £65 and the Sculpting Neck & Chest Cream here for £45.