Vintage Collection – Davenport’s Chocolates

Here at The Amazing Blog, we are not impartial to a little (or a lot of) chocolate indulgence. So when we receive chocolates to sample they often don’t even make it to the desk of our Executive Editor before they are devoured.
The fate of Davenport’s Chocolates was no different, with the luxurious box of 12 decadently embellished and masterfully made artisan chocolates destined for a short life. Each chocolate exhibits a unique centre, with the aim of evoking nostalgic British memories in every bite. Whether it is Strawberry & Champagne to bring about memories of summer lawn bowls, or Rum & Raisin Truffle to remind us of scoops of ice cream by the water’s edge; these chocolates each have their own tale to tell.

The crowd favourites were Coconut Marshmallow and Sea Salted Caramel; however we wholeheartedly encourage you to try them all for yourselves, if not for pure guilty pleasure, then as a show of patriotism to this nation’s past.  You can get your hot little hands on a box of 12 for £11.95 here.