Viviere Hair Sprays

Make a wish. For those of you wanting gorgeous, thick hair, your wish has been granted thanks to your fairy godmothers here at The Amazing Blog. In just 30 seconds, your hair worries will disappear after using Viviere Volume Fibre Duo.

The Viviere Volume Fibre Duo creates thicker hair in 30 seconds. With tiny cotton fibres charged with static electricity, the Volume Fibre attaches directly onto your hair, creating four times more hair volume and body. It’s also great for masking hair outgrowth so no matter what the weather may be you can always be confident that your hair will look thick and lush.

To further attach the fibres, apply the Boosting Spray as if you were using regular hairspray. The spray gives your hair greater support and hold.

Before applying the Volume Fibre, wash and dry your hair thoroughly and then work the fibres through your hair with your fingers, making sure to distribute them evenly. Then spray the Boosting Spray when you are done. One container of each will keep your hair looking thick for 2 months and you can choose from a range of 10 different colours.

Whether you want thicker hair or hope to reclaim your lush locks, you can purchase the Viviere Volume Fibre Duo here for £44.97.