VOYA - Bright Eyes Brightening Eye Cream

After an exciting night out, your skin may not look as bold and bright as it usually does, especially around the delicate eye area. When the girls here at The Amazing Blog want a pick-me-up for tired eyes, we reach for the Bright Eyes Brightening Eye Cream from Voya for an instant lift. The look of dark circles and worn out eyes will vanish instantly, and the results are simply excellent.

This clear, super soft and lightweight eye cream applies like a dream, and it won’t weigh down your skin. As soon as we applied it, we felt a cool sensation that brightened our eyes and the rest of our complexion simultaneously. It's rich in skin-loving antioxidants to give your skin the benefits it craves. The product comes in a small glass bottle with a white pump, which distributes a perfect portion of this miracle cream, great for those of us who are prone to wasting product. It’s designed for women of all ages, since it brightens and revitalises eyes instantly. It also works as an anti-ageing product, since it contains certified organic ingredients and seaweed extract that help to fight the signs of ageing. It's a wonderful way to awaken your skin, and make you look bright eyed and bushy tailed, no matter how you feel.

If you’re ready to experience brighter eyes, get your own bottle of Voya’s speciality eye cream here for £33.