Friday Favourites - Bath Feature

Calling all bath time junkies! Now that the end of the week has finally been bestowed upon us, we at The Amazing Blog are looking to wind down and take a break. What better way to end the week than taking a long, soothing and relaxing soak? Thanks to Abahna, Dr. Hauschka, Soapsmith, and Bathing Beauty products, no matter what kind of bath time rejuvenation you may be seeking, each will provide its own unique and individual qualities. Sit back, put your feet up, and check our favourite list of soak-time selections.

Looking for nothing more than a relaxing moment of peace and tranquilly? Containing the perfect mixture of gentle aloe and wild flower honey, Lilac Rose & Geranium bath foam will do just the trick. The scent of the soap is produced by all organic materials and essential oils. The combination of aloe vera, chamomile, and rich rose give off a romantic scent that will allow you to drift off into a daze and forget the world around you. Made in England, the product is created in small batches. This is to ensure that the foam is pure and the quality is impeccable. Browse around the website or indulge in lilac loveliness for £20.00.

Lilac and rose picture.jpg

If you are seeking more of an uplift to get you ready for a weekend full of excitement, Dr. Hauschka Bath Essence oil is the product for you. With the combination of sun-ripened lemon and exotic lemongrass, it is sure to uplift your mood and provide just the boost needed to awaken the senses and kick off your weekend. The Lemongrass Bath Essence contains 100% natural oils and is both vegan and gluten-free. Burst into your weekend and check out the website, where the oil is available for purchase at £15.95.


 No matter what mood you are in or looking to achieve, everyone could use a little soak now and then. Luckily for us, Soapsmith Lavender Hill soak has a unique scent and texture that works wonders for the skin. The soak is ideal for removing built-up toxins and allows the mind and body to be fully cleansed and relaxed. The featured ingredients include coconut milk powder, dead sea salt, Epsom salts, oat powder, and cocoa butter. All of the scents of each Soapsmith product are inspired by an iconic area of London. That being said, each product purchase includes a map of London, reflecting the area that your newly owned product is named after—how clever! Get yours now here for £12.00



Now that we’ve listed a foam, oil, and soak for your bath time body needs, don’t think we have forgotten about your beloved bunions! Bathing Beauty Pop will have you covered. This product is a fizzling foot tablet that refreshes and cleanses your tired and worn feet. The perky peppermint and tea tree oils partners with hazel tones and peach kemel oil that give the tablet the ability to truly nourish. The foot tablet contains a glorious mixture of Hamamelis Virginian witch hazel, peach kernel, peppermint, and Melaleuca oil. Take a visit here and treat your feet for only £2.40 a tablet.

Each product is free from parabens, is not tested on animals, and contains its own scent and one of its kind experience. Whether you are looking to simply surf the web or are eager to buy and try, Abahna, Dr. Hauschka, Soapsmith, and Bathing Beauty websites are worth the visit.