Libby Chan Concentrate

Libby Chan Blogpost image.jpg

Here at The Amazing Blog we are in love with the green revolution. Whether it’s the products we use to meet our beauty needs or the goods we use to keep our homes clean, we try and make sure all ingredients are completely natural and safe. Now that we’ve got our hands on the Libby Chan concentrate, we are confident that this product will help our lives stay green and clean.

Libby Chan concentrate is made from all-natural ingredients and fermented from food. Yes, we did say fermented! The ingredients are non-GMO, fair trade, and include live yogurt cultures and yeast in the list. Unlike antibacterial products that completely strip a surface making it prone to germs and filth, this product is filled with “good bacteria” keeping all unwanted forms of bacteria at bay.  Instead of a harsh, insufficient clean, Libby Chan concentrate gently cleans with “good bacteria,” leaving your home spick and span.

Libby Chan concentrate left the office with a pleasant earthy scent, reminding us of freshly baked bread. No matter what the circumstances may be, this cleaning product is sure to take the "think green" movement to a whole new level.

On the Libby Chan website there is a wonderful list of local retailers that supply the brand- check here  to see if your area is on the list or buy online here  for prices ranging from £8.99 to £12.79.