ZV2 - Day and Night Serums

Here at The Amazing Blog, as the only man in the office I am often nagged at to take care of myself better. Skincare doesn't tend to be at the top of my list, an attitude that I'm sure is shared by most men. However, I was pleasantly surprised when we received the ZV2 Spray on Serums.

ZV2 have created two advanced serums for both Day and Night, each contain a dose of high powered ingredients. They compact all of this into an ultra-fine mist spritz that simply melts into the skin. Quick and Easy! The perfect product to ease me into somewhat of a skincare regime. 

The ingredient list has a plethora of goodies and vitamins, carefully selected for their intensive action on the skin. The serums use Sensfeel technology, an active ingredient designed to stimulate the male pheromones, increasing his manly attractiveness via a totally natural process – I’m sold! 

ZV2 Day serum additionally provides broad-band AV protection from sun damage and other optimum performance ingredients, whereas ZV2 Night provides lasting nourishment and hydration, as well as fixing the imbalances caused by external factors during the day. After a few weeks of using this, I will admit the ladies were right on this one. I've noticed a big improvement in the look and feel of my skin, no dry patches in sight.  

ZV2 serums retail at £52 each, start taking care of your skin and order yours here. You won't regret it.